Am I a player now?

First there was Tim. He was in the picture for a solid 2 years, and even though I had to put up with a lot of stupid shit I stuck with him. But he left me high and dry when a better option came along. I never gave him his stuff back.

Then there was Ken. The first time he came over was encouraging and I guess that’s why I kept coming back to him after how many times he stood me up. And he never took it upon himself to tell me – I had to sit at home calling him to find out.

So it may have been underhanded of me when I went after Dre, who Ken knows, and got Ken to give me Dre’s number. But, you know, I’m trying to find someone. I took a day off of work partly to meet Dre. We were good to go the night before but then he ghosted on me, just like the others.


And now there’s John. He stopped answering my calls, too, until I called him from the office. He finally did get back to me and we were supposed to meet. Again, nothing.

I haven’t dumped John yet but I’m already after another guy named John. They don’t have to know about each other. At this point I want to get whatever there is to get from whoever will give it to me. My roommate even knows to leave the door unlocked when John is thinking of coming by.

And if all else fails, there’s one more number I can call and I’ve heard good things. But they’ll charge $75 just for someone to come by before even doing anything. The thought of paying for that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but they’re in the back of my mind in case I ever need it bad enough.


But a little good news – I finally found the one! The second John came and got my heat working today!

Yeah, this whole post was about plumbers. What did you think I meant?

But a little bad news. Having given up on professional help, then given up on DIY, then given up on professional help, and so on, my dad and I tried to hook up the thermostats ourselves. What’s the worst that could happen?

Well, we fried the boiler control relay, the damper control, the circulating pump, and all 3 zone valves. I was starting to save money again. That was nice while it lasted. So, a little shocked horror there. But at long last, the Crooked House has functioning central heat. And considering that the boiler was exhausting 3000 parts per million carbon monoxide and the chimney was blocked at the top and had a hole halfway up… well, I’m glad that the small child who used to live here is still alive. And I’m thrilled to finally put away that electric radiator at the bottom of the stairs.


11 thoughts on “Am I a player now?

  1. Mary Elizabeth

    Ha! I knew it was about plumbers all along. I’ve been following you for too long. 🙂 I’m glad the heat is finally working, but I hope you have a CO2 alarm anyway. Keep warm and dry!


  2. francetaste

    Our plumber is equally unreliable, but he will show up for emergencies…if he isn’t on vacation, which he often is.
    How much time would it take to learn plumbing? You probably could make a fortune just by actually showing up for customers.


  3. lifeonhillst

    Hahaha OMG too funny! Contractors make me crazy, but the WORST of them are definitely plumbers. We waited ELEVEN weeks for one guy to finally come out on our last house. Not quite at the plumbing stage for this house, but I’m sure it will prove interesting as always… Great post!


    1. Chad's Crooked House Post author

      My plumber put me off infinity weeks. I win. And the electrician was constantly broke, spent the money I paid him on delinquent phone bills after the phone company cut him off and I had to give him extra money twice. And it took a bit of someone else’s Irish temper to get him to show up at all even when he desperately needed the money that I desperately wanted to give him.

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