Closing Out the Irish Labor

I bit the bullet and hired the Irishman twice more. Here’s what I have to show for it.

The oak counter next to the stove is in! I plan to sand off the old finish and oil it. (Also, the kitchen is getting tidier)


The missing chip of wood on the banister has been patched. He then used a fair bit of wood filler while doing the final carving but it should even out with stain.


The bathroom door has its marble threshold.


The vestibule door is in! He extended the bottom because the gap was big and he thought it looked stupid. And this door has beveled glass so the photos don’t do it justice.


The panel sticking on the stairway wall is cut and pushed in place.


This last one was unexpectedly hard because the saw doesn’t cut the super tight angles we needed. So he clamped blocks of wood to the saw fence.


And, I no longer need to use a sneaker and a can of paint to keep my bedroom door shut!


He promised me that on top of all this, he’ll come back an evening and shoot in (meaning use the pneumatic nailer) the panel sticking, finish off the roller ball catch on the linen closet door, and put up the permanent stop moldings on the bedroom, bathroom, and linen closet doors.

So yay! That’s a lot! And I got some things done too but not nearly as much.

I got fed up with the condition of this rocker. I wasn’t 100% sure I’d be keeping it forever but decided it makes sense to get it re-caned regardless.


So I found a couple that canes chairs from an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer. They wanted $240! My PTSD is almost gone. I started to plan out a DIY project to rig it with an upholstered seat. But then the low bid came in at $83, and here it is. And that puts it on the short list of most expensive furniture and décor items in the house. Many thanks to my grandmother for having good enough taste that I can be happy with her stuff.


Then I’ve been doing a fair bit of organizing things now that space is carved out for them. One drawer in the kitchen had more contents than space, but the chest by the front door had room for the reusable shopping bags and that fixed everything. I picked up a few more drawer dividers for the kitchen. It’s the little things right?

And another day of sweeping up sawdust. I thought we were done with that.


So organizing is a priority right now. So is just basic house work. I’ve been good about the washing my clothes thing but not so much folding them. The wash stand got a new purpose consistent with its name as I stacked the clean unfolded wash ever higher every week.


So… little things are the new order of business. Cleaning, organizing, prepping to paint everything I didn’t get to before. And painting all the things I left undone. And things that don’t cost anything are all I can afford to do for the next 2 months anyway. That means the blog will be straying off-topic for a while. And the next time you see the Crooked House, it should look a good bit more polished off!

Oh, and I’m excited about the off-topic posts.


10 thoughts on “Closing Out the Irish Labor

  1. infinitequery

    this looks great Chad..I stopped commenting because again word press decided it didn’t like what I thought was my password and I was just sick of re doing passwords it is a pain I hope your off toic takes us around your City especially old homes.


  2. aisling

    There are some gorgeous features in the house! The glass paneling in the door is gorgeous! It feels so good to get those small jobs done. My Dad flew over from Ireland last weekend and did 100 tiny annoying jobs when he was here. Another handy Irishman!


    1. Chad's Crooked House Post author

      Thanks! That door came from a neighbor who ripped his vestibule out to make the living room bigger (and draftier). The stained glass above it is a circa 1980’s reproduction that my mom had made for her first house.


  3. Mary Elizabeth

    I especially like how finished the kitchen looks. But having a roommate and being able to close your bedroom door is a very high priority, isn’t it? 🙂 Also, repairing the cane-seat rocker is important–goes from being a piece of junk suitable for setting on a porch with hunting dogs living under it to being a piece of family furniture. Nice!


    1. Chad's Crooked House Post author

      It was in my living room and my roommate cautiously approached me and asked what condition it was in. I said, time to lose weight. And very, very quickly said that was a joke. She thought it was funny so inguess I didn’t cross the line this time



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