Queen For A Day

This reminded my mom of that terrible old show where women would tell their tale of woe and the one with the saddest story would win stuff. Can you guess why? It’s not because my life is impressively sad.


No, it has something to do with my washer and dryer. And the big priority was getting something that fits. Remember how narrow my stairwell is? (It’s not this dirty anymore.)


The only place to go for this is a Mom and Pop South Philly appliance store. Somewhere under that siding is a Victorian building, but we’ll rant about that kind of thing later.


Usually in my family buying appliances is complicated, but not here. They told me that I can get the fancy Speed Queen top load washer with the digital controls or the plain one with a knob that was $100 cheaper. And my mom said that’s what they gave to the women on the show.

They also told me that the the breakdown guy was going on vacation and so I got them delivered the very next day! Eep, so weird to go fast! And what do I mean by the breakdown guy? The one who does this.


I guess that very expensive paneled wall was worth it now.


And then was what may have been a reality TV level tale of woe. The new plumber had some staffing issues and backed out of coming a couple times this week. So when he finally showed up yesterday it was super exciting. I may be done with Phase 1 contractors now!


And you remember what my basement used to look like? Here, I’ll remind you.


After the stuff went away only the dirt remained. I used 15 gallons of water. First tried scrubbing normally but it wasn’t working. The procedure that did work was pour water out from the bucket, scrub, vacuum up, repeat. Most of it needed to be done 3 times. Behind the boiler was worse. The floor at the bottom right in this photo used to be black and now it’s clean enough that you can see where the paint is peeling! Yay!


And this little halfassed shelf I built above the shut off valves – I’m getting too happy over little things. And using the gas line as a clothes bar is totally fine, right?


So there we are! The house is 100% functional! My roommate had to use a laundromat once (and got a discount on the rent accordingly) and then was so out of her clothes I did her laundry – 3 loads between the 2 of us. But this too was exciting.


And then some more odds and ends – I had 4 mystery bins in the basement. Going through them made the house messy all over again. I took a lot of random crap and then when my grandmother went to assisted living I got better crap. This one was the most ridiculous – mostly scrap metal. But I found corner braces and 12 pair of scissors, pulled out the flatware to sell, and put out the rest for scrap. My roommate donated some furniture to Habitat and I sent some more stuff off with them.


And I finally unpacked the china! Because every civilized home needs a celery and salt dish set. I’ll eventually paint this cabinet blue and stand plates up in the back.


And the roomie and I came out of Aldi with a 2 foot long receipt. And with this I think it’s a fully functional house!





4 thoughts on “Queen For A Day

  1. Mary Elizabeth

    “Queen for a Day” was a radio show when I was a little girl. I listened to it until we got a TV, when I was seven, but there wasn’t any daytime TV for a couple of years after that (just a test pattern until “Howdy Doody” came on at 5 PM), so radio soaps, westerns and game shows were what we listened to during the day. I remember Jack Bailey starting each show with the line, “Would you like to be queen for a day?” to much audience applause. By the time it was a daytime show, I didn’t see it except on school vacations. Wouldn’t Pam K. love the photo you posted with the Dishmaster???!!!

    Congratulations on becoming a real home for two people! Now your roommate can be Queen for a Day, Speed Queen and all!

    Did you get the curtains yet?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Goldnrod

    So, it looks like from the photo that you got the machine with the knob & not the digital one. Good choice! In 2007 we got a Whirlpool top loading HE, and the electronic controls were the first to go. Fortunately, dh was able to go in there & super glue stuff together, but the controls should have lasted more than 5 yrs. Of course, it happened right after the warranty ended.


    1. CindyH

      This! Knobs rule! I got a dryer with the digital controls 1-2 years ago and I hate them. My old washer has knobs thankfully and I hopefully can keep it running for a long time.



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