Odds, ends, and cabinet colors

So the painting is still happening, and none of it is quite wrapped up yet. And my roommate is moving in Easter Sunday. That’s in 10 days. And then things unrelated to the house started going wrong and I’m starting to feel overwhelmed. The good news is, my roommate doesn’t care (particularly since I offered her a discount if the place is wrecked) and I’m taking tomorrow off. So let’s get on to the actual progress.

Most importantly, this weekend my dad and I built the Phase 1 kitchen drawer fronts! And they’re multiplying! First there were going to be 3 or 4 but now I’m up to 12. There were just enough scraps of cabinet grade plywood to make them all although 2 of them have the grain running in the wrong direction.

The DIY work for these  (before assembly) is cut, sand, prime, sand, prime, sand, paint, paint. I got the first coat of primer on one side of all of them and hope to be all done by Sunday so I can de-clutter and organize the kitchen next week. But I think 2 coats of primer will be especially important with the 2 drawers with vertical grain.

Then there’s the other question with these – what color to paint them. All my upper cabinets and 2 of the lowers are still going to be open and I won’t be styling the shelves, so this is still going to look a little makeshift and utilitarian. I thought about putting a kinda bright color on to just have fun with a space that doesn’t matter. I also want it to look good with my temporary countertops.


The problem is that lighter colors don’t really work with them and darker colors are impossible with the ProClassic paint I want to use. It’s really great for cabinetry and stuff. And in the mid-toned colors, everything seemed to be either too bright or too grey. I think I’m liking this one – and the coordinating colors even look like what I already have.


A friend of mine said that the color looks like it would go in a room that’s modern with rustic elements. That’s definitely not my house but it sounds more like some ideas I had for it before. I think I like it, but what do you think? And remember, this is for the lower cabinets only and I’m not committing to it forever. Am I making a mistake to not just go even brighter for fun?

Then I need hardware, and obviously I need it to be cheap. The best bargains I can think of are my parents’ oval brass knobs. They have lots on cabinets in their laundry room, but I’d need to put something cheap in to replace them.


Or, I have 7 of these yellow porcelain knobs from the furniture that was in my room when I was a babyimage


But what I’m thinking may really best is that my friend’s parents have a bunch of circa 1953 chrome pulls that a previous owner took out of the kitchen and left in the basement. I talked them out of throwing them out, so they may be fair game if I ask, right?



8 thoughts on “Odds, ends, and cabinet colors

  1. infinitequery

    I like this-and I think any handles would go great some of the BB Stores have builder bags of handles. I think they are only maybe 11 bucks for a lot of handles but I am old and do not remember much. I am so sorry you are having problems Chad..you seem like such a nice person,interesting and very very intelligent so you’ll figure it out or if not “what can’t be cured,must be endured or so I was told incessantly if I complained as a child. Good Luck and get out and enjoy Spring. It came in with a bang here in Virginia.


  2. Mary Elizabeth

    I love that Mediterranean Blue! Maybe it’s because my condo kitchen was white and a similar blue. Also, it looks good as an historic/classic color. Go for it.

    Don’t worry about the grain. If the drawers don’t look good after a while, you can always replace them when you have more money and/or more scraps. But just remember this tip: when painting, brush or roll in the direction of the grain for that wood. So you will be making horizontal strokes on some of the drawer fronts and vertical ones for those two. Make sense?

    Best of luck!



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