A New IKEA Curve Ball

Bookcases were supposed to be a post Phase 1 problem, then they moved up because I thought I had a cheap, easy, and fairly good solution. My grandmother got rid of these 3 IKEA bookcases. On their own they’re not quite right for the space..


SoI thought one extra skinny one and height extensions for the whole set would make it better scaled. And symmetrical.

But there’s a problem. IKEA is discontinuing this wood finish April 1st and has already stopped restocking it. This feels an awful lot like what happened with the kitchen cabinets last year. I was able to get the height extensions but would have to go to Elizabeth, NJ to get the skinny shelving unit. That’s about an hour and a half away if I don’t get stuck in traffic at rush hour next to New York City. And the friends I contacted in Jersey aren’t free for dinner so there’s nothing fun to do while I’m there.

But then I was thinking about it. All this will probably cost over $200 once we add in gas and Turnpike tolls, so it’s not almost free like I thought it was. And it will take a full evening right up to my bedtime plus an extra car borrowing trip to my parents’ house. And the Billys are not exactly what I wanted anyway. I like that they’re plain and slim looking. I do NOT want one of those big entertainment centers that look like breakfront china cabinets; these would fade into the background and hold my stuff without making the room look too busy or closed in. But I also have good vintage stereo equipment that will not fit on 11 inch shelves.

And so I turned to Craigslist. And for twice the price I can get this pretty simple bookcase with the deeper bottom part and SOLID MAHOGANY instead of veneered particle board. And closed cabinets! But I’ll need the Irishman to cut the backs off the deep base parts to make something from Bucks County fit a South Philly house.

Craigslist bookcase.png

I talked to the seller and I think (with modifications) this is gonna be perfect for me! Or you can talk me out of it.

Then I also need something on the windows in the back bedroom now that it’s soon to be rented. And because this room has the permanent windows and casings, I can put in permanent window treatments that are better than what’s in the other rooms. I’ve been thinking I definitely like the idea of stained wood blinds in a room that’s mostly light colors now. Home Depot has one style of real wood blinds in stock at a reasonable price and I was going to go with it.


But I knew that what I really wanted was something darker. And I think they knew that, too, because on the third time I toggled back and forth between different styles, an ad came up for a 25% off coupon. So they got me. I got a darker color that I like better, but it was only $60 extra. The other downside? My roommate might need to use the super classy felt blanket for 2 weeks. (Also you can see that I finally killed some of my plants.)




5 thoughts on “A New IKEA Curve Ball

  1. Mary Elizabeth

    Good morning, Chad! A great deal going on, I see. I do like the bookshelves. (IKEA did the same thing to me. I have two Billy bookcases in one finish and the third is a lighter finish. Right now, they are in my study, so I don’t care so much, but I did flip out at first when I got home with the non-matching one.)

    As for the window treatment, what’s the hurry with the permanent solution? Your roommate can get a cheap curtain rod and free or nearly-free curtains to cover the window. (I have two pairs of to give away–they are white with a pale green retro print, and they have tiebacks.) Or have you already ordered the blinds?


    1. Chad's Crooked House Post author

      I figured I may as well get them, I can afford a few minor purchases like that with the help from rent income and didn’t want to make her spend good money on things like that when she may not stay long term. and curtains closed over the windows won’t function well when there’s an air conditioner. And so I snapped them up while they were on sale. I was thinking of also hanging curtains decoratively, but that can wait.

      If you’re offering the curtains, thanks for thinking of me! They might work though I thought the room was screaming out for contrast to the light green and white.

      Liked by 1 person


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