A triumphant end to Phase 1

I always imagined that the stove would be just about the last thing I’d do in Phase 1. The house wouldn’t be perfect but it would be livable and I’d make pasta and it would be triumphant. Well, I’ve been making pasta and a triumph it is not. Even easy meals are kind of tedious in a chronically messy kitchen. And elsewhere in the house, the march toward civility is moving backwards.


Now the plan was always to slow down a bit and get my life back for a little while after Phase 1. So when would that come? It was looking like at some point or another I’d just anticlimactically say that’s enough.

But now there’s big news – I have a triumphant end to Phase 1 once again. Because a good friend of mine wants to be my roommate! That means great things for my bank account. And it also means more stuff to do now. She’s pretty easy going, but she said in no uncertain terms that the doors need to be back up on her room and the bathroom before she can move in. And there’s at least one solid weekend’s worth of work left to turn the living room and kitchen right side up again. I’m hoping for a little more help from the Irishman; without him, it could easily be 2 weekends.


And the new end of Phase 1 (I think) is the washer and dryer. But first, there’s all this painting that feels like it will never end. But there are bright spots. I’m done most of the prep now and at the very least, the messiest painting should be done this weekend. I hope. And the back bedroom closet doors look oddly new with the mildew bleached off and painted over. Of course new wasn’t what I wanted, but I’m happy enough to have it here.


And there’s quarter round in the living room! That’s not just a big step forward (and a prerequisite for the bookcases) but also one more thing out of the basement. 5000 to go before the washer and dryer come! Just kidding. But not really.


So, it looks like I need to put a third coat of paint onto most of the walls. Hopefully that’s done this weekend and I can really put the house together next. Then here’s what’s left:

  • Finish Phase 1 trim painting, which means all upstairs woodwork. Re-hang upstairs doors.
  • Clear out the back bedroom. There is stuff in the furniture. I’ll have to put it in boxes.
  • Procure and install curtains or blinds for the back bedroom.
  • Move the bookcases I have back to the long wall where they were and anchor them. Add a 4th narrow unit and height extensions. (Bringing over books and other things that go on them can go beyond Phase 1.)
  • Hang the 2 downstairs interior doors and slider screen door that are currently stored in the living room.
  • Bring over one more piece of furniture for the brick wall by the stairs.
  • Add 6 more drawers (for a total of 7) to the kitchen. Make plywood drawer fronts. Paint them? Rearrange kitchen things and bring in china.

The list is getting shorter and less scary, right?



9 thoughts on “A triumphant end to Phase 1

  1. mary

    I don’t know why, but it tickled me that your final list was so rough and tumble what with all the ‘hanging’ and ‘clearing’ and ‘moving’ and ‘anchoring’ and then it ended so daintily with ‘bringing in china’.
    I’ve been enjoying your progress.


    1. Chad's Crooked House Post author

      I put that in ahead of the books that are on shelves at my parents’ house already and other finishing touches because I already have crystal out (originally from my mom’s first wedding!), I know exactly where it is in my parents’ attic, and I already served dinner for 6 and it was annoying to not have enough place settings for them.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. infinitequery

    looking great Chad….The Lodger will help a lot,she might even …….”help a lot” which is something you need


  3. francetaste

    I just discovered your site. I am in awe of all that you’re doing on your own! Thank goodness there are people willing to renovate, so these old places don’t just disintegrate.


  4. Mary Elizabeth

    Chad, the roommate is good news! It’s good the person is already a good friend. I want a picture of your six china place settings, silverware, glasses, tablecloth or placemats and napkins, all laid out on the table. Keep going, and you will have a great looking and orderly place soon. (But what’s with building and painting the kitchen drawers? I thought you had bought IKEA ones?)


      1. Mary Elizabeth

        The plywood cabinet doors will probably look better than the IKEA ones. I’ve found that Home Depot and Lowe’s have decent mid-century inspired cabinet hardware for less than most places. (Although I did go to one of those big Job Lots stores when I replaced all the hardware in my trailer–I needed about 42 knobs, and I got them for $0.50 apiece. Around here the brands are Ocean State Job Lots and Big Lots; you must have one similar in Penn.)


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