Let’s update that punchlist

Big news yesterday! I got a new plumber in for the last really important thing! And that means I’m past due to update this punchlist.


Building Systems

zone valves 1

  • Connect radiators, fill system, fire up the boiler. Done!
  • Wire thermostats and activate zone valves. I used to have a temporary thermostat in the basement. I’ve moved backwards and now it runs on a toggle switch..



  • Finish installing laminate countertops. Done. But some of the pieces I glued on are peeling off. So now I need to repair them.
  • Install sink. Procure and install faucet and drain.
  • Procure and install 30 inch gas range. Done! Yayyy!
  • Procure refrigerator, install hinges on the left side (Most come with right side hinges but are reversible. Done!
  • Build remaining countertop out of leftover oak. (Requires dowel or biscuit joints)
  • (Optional) Install drawers in lower cabinets. Update: I really want to get all of these and have good storage and less clutter right away.
  • (Optional) Procure and install dishwasher, garbage disposal, and over-the-range microwave. I actually got a disposal from a friend who’s redoing his house. It’s 2 years old. And Philadelphia requires these for major remodels so this is actually important.

Front Bedroom


  • Finish painting closet shelving. Add clothes bars. (2 clothes bars in, one to go.)
  • Finish painting temporary particle board around windows. Install temporary blinds.
  • Install door strike, stop molding, and door knob at entrance to room. The door strikes I have don’t fit this lock.
  • Pre-paint and temporarily install trim around closet doors.

Back Bedroom Note: This list is low priority unless I find someone to rent the room. And then I’ll be scrambling to do it.)


  • Sort all tools in closet and move to basement. (Half done)
  • Install closet door strikes and stop moldings on both doors.
  • Paint closet doors, closet shelving and trim on door wall. (Up next.)
  • Install permanent blinds, shades, and/or curtains. (This actually may wait until someone is renting the room)

Living room and General Clutter


  • Count and sort kitchen items. Re-box items for yard sale and return them to parents. Done! Now I have to help them sort stuff though.
  • Collect all unused building materials. Shamelessly return everything for store credit. Done! And I’m about $250 richer.
  • Install 2 remaining interior doors. Remove cardboard at entryway. (But let’s add in the screen door for the slider, which is in the way too.)
  • Paint temporary particle board around front windows and install temporary blinds.
  • Install panel sticking on stairway wall.
  • Repair and refinish banister.

Upstairs hall


  • Empty both closets. Paint closet shelving. (One closet ready to go)
  • Install roller catch and stop moldings on linen closet door. This door is thinner than standard and has a dummy knob. (I bought the catch in 2013 and have no idea where it is)
  • Install threshold and permanent stop moldings on bathroom door.
  • Paint all door jambs, casings, and remaining baseboards. (2 of 5 are ready to paint)


  • Procure and install towel bars, toilet paper holder, etc.



  • Remove lathe and borrowed tools. Clean floor and walls.
  • Discard duplicate paint cans. Consolidate paint to one can of each color.
  • Add additional shelving as needed. (I got some and don’t urgently need more.)
  • Finish drywall at top of stairwell. Discard remaining stored drywall scraps.
  • (Optional unless I get a roommate) Procure washer and dryer. Consider 24 inch appliances or local appliance dealer that will dismantle full size appliances and reassemble in basement.

So I think we can call this serious progress. I now have all the basic functions of a home!


5 thoughts on “Let’s update that punchlist

  1. infinitequery

    Chad…..I am old very very old and you are exhausting me. It looks wonderful and a real cozy comfortable home to be proud of but soooooooooo much work. Get on a plane and go somewhere and post only Palm Trees waving gracefully in a cooling breeze with huge glasses of icy alcoholic beverages..oh with those little umbrellas. take a deep relaxing breath and Enjoy!


    1. Chad's Crooked House Post author

      If it makes you feel any better, I’m deleting some of thsi work, including the banister, from Phase 1. And then I’m cutting back on house work in a big way, but I’m also trying to recover some of what I spent and I don’t think airplanes are in the cards.


  2. Mary Elizabeth

    It seems it really helped you to publish that list and start checking items off. (I knew you would move cabinet doors/drawers up on your list once you saw how the kitchen looked half done.) So now not only your blog followers but also you can see what great progress you have made.



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