Almoster and Almoster

I may be going in circles with the heat, but some things are getting better in a big way. Last week, I borrowed the Suburban again and may have finished everything I’ll ever need to do with it. So what’s new and better now?

I have a real refrigerator! We dented the side getting it in. Oof. But it’s not that obvious, and it was a Craigslist bargain so I don’t feel like I threw too much money away. And my over-the-range microwave is in! The vent ducting isn’t all hooked up just yet and there needs to be an outlet in the cabinet above it, but baby steps.


I have bookcases! I used to want something a little airier looking than these basic IKEA Billys, and I wanted something that would hold stereo equipment as well as books. But everything I really liked would cost thousands of dollars and these were free when my grandmother moved into a smaller room. The proportions are a little off right now. I want to add one more narrow unit to the right, and make it 16 inches taller with height extensions. My TV, Victorian clock and (reproduction) Brancusi bust will fit, of course along with books, but stereo equipment is not happening.


The big fancy mirror in my bedroom is finally mounted on the dresser. Now I have room for the matching wash stand. There are a few pieces of fancy missing; I’m wondering if it’s feasible to have them remade.


And last but not least, I’ve gotten rid of a lot of trash, household items to sell or donate, and wood to burn. Up until now, I’ve always had at least one room plus the basement and the back yard that were pretty jammed with it. The basement is empty enough that I can paint things down here.


The back yard hasn’t looked this good since 2013. My office building is having an e-waste collection on March 1st, so the microwave is sticking around a bit longer.


And the dining room table is still pretty crapped up, but this is progress, too. It’s reached steady state conditions. I clear stuff off the table and then gather stuff from the rest of the house and put it here. This should be the only messy spot in the house by Saturday. Unfortunately, I’ll also have all the low hanging fruit cleared out by then and the rest will take actual work. But hey, the floor is clear!


So what’s left to do? The 3 year house-anniversary is less than 2 weeks away and I’m hoping somehow Phase 1 can wrap up before then. If I want that to happen, I’ll need to:

  • Install the rest of the door strikes and stops. One strike plate doesn’t fit so I’ll also need to go back to the salvage yard.
  • Hang 2 interior doors and the screen to the patio door downstairs.
  • Paint the shelves and door jambs in 3 more closets.
  • Get somebody in to hook up the stove. My DIY confidence is pretty high but it stops somewhere short of gas plumbing.

4 thoughts on “Almoster and Almoster

  1. infinitequery

    geeze……. Chad I thought by now our invitations to a Formal Tea were in the mail…with this state of disarray I think I’m going to need Alcohol! This place looks way too much like my house and my house is close to driving me bonkers!


  2. Mary Elizabeth

    Well, considering all the setbacks (thinking you were buying a fixer-upper and finding out it was basically a gut-and-rebuild project comes to mind), I think you should celebrate the progress you have made. If the Pope comes back to Philly in 2017, you’ll be all set to host a cardinal or two. Speaking of cardinals, are you going to have a birdfeeder out back? 🙂


  3. Jo

    It’s coming right along, Chad. I can tell by all the clear space you have reclaimed. Love how you’re making used stuff work for you. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music



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