Working out of a rut

I was starting to feel stuck in a rut. Mainly because I can’t handle tons of small jobs. And because I thought I needed way more help from my dad than he had time for. So this weekend I made a new plan. Just do all of them. It meant a lot of jumping around, but I can handle that better than thinking about it all.

So… I finally put blinds up in my bedroom. Not super cheap like I planned. There’s a street light right outside my window so I got room darkening ones.

And the first few door strikes are in. I was scared to do this by myself. And my mortising job isn’t perfect but it’s good enough… I hope. Also, this back bedroom is the only room in the house with super shiny new hardware. I did it because I couldn’t afford solid brass. And the super frustrating thing. I will still be one door short.  because the strike I bought for my bedroom doesn’t fit the latch. Another trip to the salvage yard is in order.


And there’s a pile of drywall scraps left in the basement. I need to finish the stairwell before I make them disappear. Remember that I have a removable panel on this wall so I only need to drywall the ends. The extra elbow room in the middle is nice.


And my dad came down today and got the thermostats wired up. Except we can’t find the tiny screwdriver we need to connect the last thermostat. Oh well.

And I still had a bunch of trash cans full of lathe in the basement. I had ideas for creative ways to reuse it, but then I couldn’t stand the sight of it anymore. So instead I cut it all in half so it will fit into my parents’ incinerator fireplace. My parents had those friends who own the old Suburban over for lobster last night, so that seemed like the perfect time to borrow it again. And so my dad drove it down and we took out all this! (I’m on good terms with those neighbors… for now.)


They’ll be having a lot of fires. Also a third of it is trash. And what does my basement look like now?


Womp. Still pretty terrible, but at least there’s room to turn around. And we brought in the big fancy mirror that goes on my dresser.


But somehow the big fat screws that go to this disappeared so now it’s staying against the wall. Also, can you see that the fancy part at the top is damaged and missing pieces? I may have to leave it off at least for now. But I guess that’s a problem for another day.

I still need a bit more from that Suburban, so it may stick around all week. Up next is getting rid of my parents’ extra set of couches and… drumroll please… a refrigerator!



3 thoughts on “Working out of a rut

  1. Mary Elizabeth

    Sounds like you made good progress. The line of plastic trash bins full of wood lath is a very cute picture. I remember how your mom feels about these “decorative” wood bins in her living room. 🙂


  2. Jo

    You’ve really got it going on. I, too, have piles and bins of debris destined for creative projects. I, too, get fed up and toss the lot. I try never to throw all the scraps away until every project is finished because you always need a little something. Love the big mirror. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


    1. Chad's Crooked House Post author

      I was thinking about the wood I tossed and the temporary drawer fronts I need. But I also have enough cabinet grade plywood left over that I think I’ll just build some that are actually presentable and don’t look like I screwed trash onto the fronts of my cabinets.

      Liked by 1 person


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