A super dumb way to save money

I got my mattress and box spring free from an old dead lady. (But she always slept on the couch so we can call it essentially new.) Then I got a platform bed free from a friend and it totally works with the little chests I got free from my grandmother. Don’t mind the junk. I cleaned it up later.


Because this is a platform bed, you’re looking at it without the box spring. I tried using the box spring but it looked ridiculous and I put it in the closet. So after some pondering and asking my parents for advice, I decided to throw out the box spring and just use the mattress like this. First I tried to give it away but no dice. Then my mom told me that her trash people would take it for just 20 bucks.

I said, “20 dollars? Do you think I’m made of money?” And I proceeded with my better idea.


That is, ripping it out with a crowbar. But then I realized that there were staples through it everywhere. Lots of staples. So instead I used an ice pick.


That worked pretty well. Until the ice pick broke. Too bad because it was a nice one. But then, has anyone used an ice pick in my lifetime? But anyway, I’ll call this a classically dumb thing to do. It took about an hour and a half. And then staples flew all over the room. I had piles of wood with sharp things protruding out of it. And there are still metal things lying around. I’ll probably find reminders of this in 3 months even though I thought I got it all.


Not only that but my closet has finally crossed the threshold from almost done to… done enough to hang clothes in part of it! Except half of them are in a wad instead.


And the overwhelming amounts of random scrap wood are almost sorted. I was holding onto old lathe because it has character and I could repurpose it. But after storing it for 2 years I decided I don’t have the patience to repurpose it and cut it all in half. Now it will fit in my parents’ fireplace. Other wood that’s not safe to burn is in other cans to throw out.


I’m really, really excited about all this. Being able to turn around in my basement! Putting the stove in the kitchen! It’s a little cluttery now. Plus, the Home Depot return pile is on the dining room table.


What would be really nice would be to borrow that Suburban again and get all this stuff sorted out, plus bring in a refrigerator and a few other big things. Problem is that somebody shoveled his car out and blocked the street with the snow. Then the city brought in a Bobcat to plow the street and it got stuck. So now there’s a mini-mountain outside my bedroom. And you can see that it’s sorta clear in front of this car.


Everything is ready to go. How long until I can drive down my own street? Your move, Philadelphia Streets Department.


5 thoughts on “A super dumb way to save money

  1. infinitequery

    It’s never ending isn’t it Chad? but like my Husband of 56 years always opined-what else would we be doing? And it’s fun because you are creating a home and one that some person or family might enjoy even a Century from your calling it Home and that is a lovely thought. You took OK and made it lovely. Kudos Chad…Have a beer and put your feet up,you deserve it.


  2. Mary Elizabeth

    Definitely a “live and learn” situation, Chad! Sometimes $20 is a bargain. By the way, DH and I love the platform bed with a plain 8″ mattress. It is comfortable to sleep on and also easy to make. The only problem is that the only sheets that will fit it are special “low profile mattress” sheets that cost about $80 or vintage sheets (from the days when everyone didn’t believe they needed an 18″ mattress). So we are always trolling estate sales and eBay for new old stock fitted queen sheets. Your room looks fab, and I’m happy to see your love affair with your house has progressed to moving in clothes. 🙂


    1. Chad's Crooked House Post author

      I have a deeper mattress though and normal sheets fit fine. What’s too big is that comforter, which my grandmother had on a king size bed. Price was right though. I just tuck it into the frame on the rare occasion when I care what it looks like



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