Procurement – Appliances and more

My punch list, sadly, involves another round of buying stuff. And for me, kitchen appliances are a joyless purchase. I believe that planned obsolescence is real, meaning that manufacturers design appliances to last 10 years and break as soon after that as possible. As bad as that is, I think I loathe the way body styles on an appliance will “date” and require replacement even more.

Then I love to mock fancy kitchens that cost more than I paid for my house (and are usually ugly) and the “serious cooks” who claim to need them. There will definitely be more on this later because it’s fun to write.

Worst of all is the up and down buttons to change the oven temperature 5 degrees at a time. I don’t know who came up with this awful idea, but I have almost enough time to plan their while I get carpal tunnel rapidly pushing the touch pad to set the oven temperature.

Anyways, I don’t have the slightest interest in doing any of those things. And I’m especially uninterested in paying lots of money to do those things. First, I tried to snag this range.

It’s old enough that it probably wasn’t designed to break. And the oven temperature definitely isn’t controlled with a knob. I’d love something even older, but the really cool ones tend to be expensive and too big.

But that seller didn’t reply and I grabbed 3 white Maytag appliances instead. I still need a fridge, but I’m grateful to have the optional kitchen parts and a positive bank account balance.

I said that the kitchen is a work room and may as well work like one. That’s why I have a not-so-sexy over the range microwave and will not be putting wooden fronts on my appliances. But I’m not gonna lie. I’m glad the dishwasher has hidden controls. And it runs quietly to boot!

Kitchen sink.jpg

And you surely noticed the sink too. My mom told me I needed a pull down faucet, and I decided that makes sense. I decided first off that it has to be modern. I don’t like modern things anachronistically clad in period styles. I ended up not with the most modern one but the plainest. I think plain is what the house wants. I also bought the cheapest plastic drain I could get because a friend is giving me his garbage disposal whenever his building permits get approved. And boy is it CRAPPY.

Also, fun fact: some of the finishes offered double the cost of the faucet, and they aren’t under warranty. Something tells me that chrome plating is a thing for a reason. I also got my hopes up in a big way when I saw these prices. That was not to be, but I did well.

Free faucets.jpg

Then there are the thermostats. They’re sorta hooked up. But we realized that the plumber bought the wrong control panel for them. We also figured out that a zone valve control panel is optional and decided not to spring for it. I ordered a transformer, but this is on hold until whenever it arrives. I had this idea that I could exchange the control box thing I have, but alas, plumbing supply houses don’t have Home Depot’s no receipt needed, no questions asked return policy.



6 thoughts on “Procurement – Appliances and more

  1. Mary Elizabeth

    Glad you are all set with at least three of your appliances. I’m sure a refrigerator will come knocking on your door soon! (“Knock knock!” “Who’s there?” Hello, I’m a gently used plain refrigerator in just the right size, and all I require of you is to fill me with food and clean me out occasionally.”) I think the plain white ones blend in with any style of house. Wish I could afford the retro style refrigerator and dishwasher for my original 1959 kitchen, but white was what was there when I moved into my house, and the stove and dishwasher still had Energy Star Rating tags on them.


  2. CindyH

    Good luck with your white appliances! I hate mine – ymmv.
    How exciting to see your kitchen coming together – maybe it will stay cold enough to just put a cooler outside for a while (wink) until you find a good deal on a fridge.


  3. Rosietta

    We just bought a washer and dryer – the epitome of appliances that break but I felt it was a necessity for the upcoming child chaos. I’m still bitter thinking about it. BOOO to laundry and appliances.


    1. Goldnrod

      We have a very nice 6-7 yr old French door LG fridge that just broke down. The repair guy told my husband that compressors will only last 5-10 yrs nowadays. That is just ridiculous! While we are thankful we only paid 1/2 price for this ‘fridge, we still feel ripped off. A refrigerator should last +15 years!


      1. Rosietta

        Agreed, there should be longer warranties included and these companies should have to back up their products. It would be much better for the environment too of they were all made better.


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