Finally, the bottom half of the kitchen!

All right, Day 1 of my 16 day “vacation” was mostly figuring out how to do this kitchen job. Remember my old 3D rendering? It still comes pretty close to what I’ll be getting. The room shrank a little bit and I put in upper cabinets that I didn’t bother to show back then, but the base cabinets are almost exactly as planned. Just picture another cabinet facing you on the back side of that peninsula.

kitchen rendering

But I had to refine the design now that I know exactly where my walls ended up. So here it is with dimensions and construction notes. And yes, lots of refinement.


The big problem spot here is the dead space right around the pipe chase. The cabinets don’t fit perfectly. Because I’m not spending 3 times my net worth on custom cabinetry. So that means I’m gonna have a gap shaped like Oklahoma in the back of my peninsula.


The space on the living room side is easy to fix. I am installing wood casing around the big opening between the living room and the kitchen, so I’m just building the opening to exactly the size that fits my cabinets. The top of this doorway will be at exactly the same height as the window. With the cabinets assembled you can already see it! Right?



Around the other side it’s more complicated. The cabinet facing the living room is actually supposed to go on a wall. I want it taller to hide the stack of dishes in my sink. And from this angle that stack is already hidden!

The problem is that I need to cover the back side of the taller bar top/china cabinet with better wood than IKEA’s flimsy backings and attach the cabinets to each other in a non-standard way. IKEA’s cabinets have these brackets that fit into rails on the walls. This is amazing for my non-level floors.


But I’m thinking that the solution here is to take them off of the cabinets you can see above and just screw cabinet grade plywood right into the cabinets with trim head screws. The standard hardware leaves a little gap behind the cabinets. I’ll just make it all flush and try to make that piece of plywood super sturdy. And then I’ll hang the wall-turned-into-base cabinet off of it. I’ll build a plinth for that cabinet to sit on since it’s not drilled for legs like the others.

This solves another funny problem. The cabinets stop just a teeny bit short of the corner. I thought about adding a filler strip in the middle of the run of cabinets to make them fit the room, but that would be ugly. So instead, I’m going to run the plywood all the way over and leave a little dead space between the carousel and the pipe chase. That means the higher bar top will look like this. I think it looks more awkward on paper than it will in real life.


Then I’m also adding a dryer vent to the back of my carousel cabinet. My laundry facilities will be in the basement, but the basement is fully underground at the back. And I’m not willing to board up a basement window or bore a hole in the marble base of my façade like most people do. Luckily, the completely useless dead space at the back of the carousel cabinet is just big enough!


And here’s this peninsula arrangement from the other side. Tell me what you think. Even though I’m not changing it now that the cabinets are non-returnable. The main cabinets will be about 5 inches higher. I can cheat the other one as I please.



9 thoughts on “Finally, the bottom half of the kitchen!

  1. infinitequery

    I think you are engaging in the same sort of critique some females tend toward..that is noticing a small chin blemish while missing the overall positive impression they make. great style,happy personality,interesting conversation etc. Your kitchen won’t be viewed as separate stuff but as a whole unit of function,fashion color-light and if there’s the aroma of fresh coffee or pizza and cold beer. Relax Sir-you are on glide path coming in for a near perfect landing. When’s the party? and can old people come?


    1. Chad's Crooked House Post author

      My attitude is to agonize over making the best decision, then relax. Also, I was proud of my problem solving in this little corner. And yes, I was planning on having a mixed-generation party. The 3 year anniversary of buying the place is late February, so I decided to hold off till then. Hopefully I’m really settled in by then.


      1. infinitequery

        I think I was attributing neurotic behavior to both genders? and I referred to (some) females thus not an entire gender. I am a very nice old Lady and I wouldn’t denigrate any person or group deliberately— sorry if that was the impression given.


      2. Mary Elizabeth

        No, you’re so right! I have been engaged four times, married twice. Once an engagement broke off because the guy was way too neurotic for me to handle, once it broke off because I was way too neurotic for the guy to handle. 🙂


  2. Mary Elizabeth

    Chad, I think you are spot on with the planning. The mysterious space behind the corner cabinet will be hidden by the countertop and by the cabinet facing the living room. Looking forward to seeing more progress as well as the final result.


    1. Goldnrod

      I think some of your pictures or drawings didn’t post! Your descriptions were fairly clear, but I think we could understand it better with more illustrations.



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