If you’ve known me a while, my excitement over this little thing won’t surprise you so much. The plan for the weekend was to paint the baseboards in the bedrooms, turn the heat on, and have my 4th moving day, bringing in furniture that goes in front of the baseboards in the bedrooms. But then we had 68 degree highs this weekend, which was crazy. But it was a rare chance to put off the heat and take the windows out and paint them, so I’m not complaining.

I put really good Marvin wood windows on the back of the house. Meanwhile the front windows are total crap, installed so they don’t close right, caulked shut where the drafts were really bad, with flimsy reclaimed Masonite around them. But that has them tidied up enough that I’ll grin and bear them till Phase 2. (The Masonite will be painted white)


But back to the windows I put in, one of the best things about these is that the jambs are all wood with slim metal tracks mortised into them. So although they aren’t quite as pretty as old wood windows, they have a cleaner look than most new ones. They also require massive amounts of cutting in with a tiny brush. The thought crossed my mind while I was doing all this that maybe vinyl windows aren’t so bad after all. Impure, filthy thoughts! But it went away, and after a solid 20 hours or so, 3 of my 5 windows now look totally amazing. It’s Sherwin Williams ProClassic semi-gloss, which is totally smooth and beautiful and just shiny enough to show off all my biggest splurges. I only got one coat on the sashes, but they’re easy to take out so the second coat can wait until spring.



Then, how did Moving Day Number 4 go? Well, one of the friends who helped with the couch came back AGAIN (I’m really lucky not to have scared him away) and I got in another 4 big pieces of furniture and a rug. This included my grandmother’s buffet (now reborn as a dresser) that was previously storing random crap in my parents’ basement.

buffet and rug

Her matching hutch took its place. Which is handy because my dad is now working from home and the books from his old office are standing between me and my kitchen stuff in the attic. And now he has a proper place to put them.

And I need to give my parents credit for another round of cleaning and tidying up including my totally gross mini-fridge. Though while they were doing that I was getting old window labels off with acetone and my fingernails, which wasn’t all that much fun either. After that THEY treated ME to dinner!

You ready to see the rooms? Drumroll please…




So, now I can think about window treatments. Aside from continuing to paint and finally getting that heat on, they’re up next. I also need to shampoo the rug in the front bedroom before I set up the bed. The front windows get either cheap junk plastic blinds from Home Depot or even cheaper junk paper shades from IKEA. But the back can get a permanent solution. I’m thinking stained wood blinds mounted inside the window jambs. And I might add floor length panel curtains as this is the only window in the house where that is possible.

But something functional for privacy first. Whatever I get, I want it to look good all the way opened. Because that’s how I like all my windows during the day. Maybe there’s something better than wood blinds for that. Any ideas?



  1. Mary Elizabeth

    It is really starting to look like a home!

    I have the feeling you want plain, unfussy window treatments, hence my suggestions.
    Here is something you might consider: The same company has attractive Roman shades, but if you look at the illustrations, they don’t go up as high when fully opened, and you said you wanted more light during the day. In most rooms in my house, I have plain linen textured roller shades with a valance at the top that hides the shade when I uncover the small windows to get as much light in as possible.

    Another shade I have a few of is a ticking strip shade: I think it goes nicely with both modern and traditional \ transitional furniture. You can get a matching valance, too, so the look is simple and not busy. You can do the same thing with a white or ivory shade with a matching white, ivory or solid color valance.

    When you get around to the front room, I think the front windows would look good with either a wood blind or a simple shade, with a long scarf valance draped over the top of the two windows.


    1. Chad's Crooked House Post author

      I like this idea because I’m not fond of the way blinds look when they’re open all the way. But I’m also sitting at that little desk in my back bedroom and would enjoy having something filtering the light right now.



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