A look forward and way, way back

I worked through most of Thanksgiving weekend and my employer has a use it or lose it policy for vacation time. So this week seemed like a good time to check how many hours I get to stretch through December 31. And what did I find?

Deltek Benefits.png

78.5 hours!! Meaning between vacation and holiday, I get the last 2 weeks of the year with 6 1/2 to spare! I wonder what I’ll do with the time. Not.

I’m hoping for plenty of rest and family time. We have 5 people coming in from Massachusetts and North Carolina. I also have this wild and crazy idea that I can install all my kitchen cabinets and maybe even make the house fully functional. This probably means waking up early like I usually do and putting in a lot of half days.

So my future is looking bright. The other order of business right now is confronting my past. The plan was to condense all the house crap into the back bedroom closet so civility (and stored kitchen crap that I wanted out of the basement) can take over the rest of the house. Or at least the rest of the second floor. To my dismay, the whole back bedroom was completely filled with crap.

So this week it was time to confront my past. Namely, confront things I hastily threw into boxes 2 years ago and only partially sorted out. But again I was relieved. This time because most of those boxes were mostly empty. And so after just a couple of evenings, I’m down to a totally manageable hoard.


And I’m assembling the unused stuff for the next mega-return-for-store-credit-and-make-the-cashier-want-to-kill-me Home Depot trip. (Last time this trip was mildly humiliating but gave over $400 in store credit, which was clearly worth it.)

And I’ve started to unpack my linen closet! This is an extra special spot right now because everything in it was my grandmother’s. When she moved to assisted living a year ago, we sent her off with some stuff and got rid of a lot, but there was this trash bag stuffed with stuff for me. So a lot of it is totally normal. Like old towels that don’t match. My mom told me that she was never allowed to use the Bicentennial eagle towels until my grandparents redecorated the bathroom and the color didn’t match anymore.


Then I have fancy, really old table linens. Some of them are so fine you’d think they’re silk even though they’re cotton. And better yet, they have MUK embroidered on them. That stands for Mary Umpstead Krause. Apparently the one great grand aunt who had money before the stock market crash was friends with this lady and now I have stuff from her hope chest. Some ancestor of mine pulled threads out of the tablecloth by hand to make that open border. But the napkins are the smoothest cloth ever.


And then there’s this apron. Clearly my most useful possession.

So anyways, the new schedule is another week of sorting, tidying, prepping, and any door strikes and odds and ends of trim that I can throw together. I’ve gotten instructions for dismantling my patio door to get the couch in this Sunday. And next Thursday and Friday I’m taking half days and that’s when the painting needs to resume. If nothing goes wrong, I should have central heat by the 13th.



4 thoughts on “A look forward and way, way back

  1. infinitequery

    Chad—-Delicious Holidays to you and yours and it looks like you’re ready to pitch in and play a significant part in the cooking? or maybe serving? part of the festivities. Stay away from the eggnog cause I don’t want to see any media reports that a young guy in an apron is trying to get down the neighbor’s chimney!



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