Casing the Joint

The DIY trim installation is off to a good start. First, those baseboards on solid brick walls that sagged before the glue dried? Well I figured out a solution. Bro, do you even lift? (Yes, I lifted those weights up the stairs and leaned them against my baseboards.)


The down side is that the glue is taking several days to dry so I didn’t get back into this room to finish the job. But it’s not like I was short on things to do. Meanwhile, the back bedroom was ready to go. So I had a scary adventure scribing base cap with the coping saw. My first try wasn’t so great – I ended up redoing this cut – but the second try I got pretty decent at it. Had to do some filing and will still have to caulk a little.


But here’s how it looks installed!


And the wall with the doors!


I mostly did trim work the whole time while my parents cleaned like crazy. My dad returned the basement to sanity, though not yet to cleanliness. This is important because I want to store tools and stuff down here soon.


And he took out the bags of sawdust and stuff the floor guys left out back and swept up the pile of brick debris from when the Irishman put in the kitchen exhaust fan in September. Yes I left it there that long. And do any contractors take their trash with them ever?

Meanwhile, I think I’m done using saws upstairs. Forever! OK, maybe for the rest of Phase 1. So my mom vacuumed with glee. First the floors, then everything else that could possibly catch dust. And she was INTO IT.


“Don’t take photos of me in this goofy sweater!”

Then she wiped down the doors. Which brought us the line of the year.

“What did you finish these doors with? They’re silky smooth! I love cleaning them!”

(Answer, if you didn’t read it before: General Finishes High Performance acrylic topcoat. And no, they didn’t pay me to write this. But I am totally willing to take money if they want to give it to me.)

She wiped down the metal bed frame after a year in the basement. And civility began to creep in. My mom asked if I had a second green pillow case.


“Oh, if you’re going to the bathroom, let me get this before we go.” That’s right, she just can’t stop vacuuming.


And then we loaded up the (borrowed) truck with random crap to get rid of. 3 surplus doors, the boob lights, and a hand-me-down bed that my mom took for me but I won’t be using.


And on my triumphant lap through the metro area to get rid of this stuff, I struck out. The ReStore was closed and Philadelphia Salvage has too much stuff and doesn’t want mine. It looks like my old oak floors are getting burned, and everything else is back in my living room. Which is annoying because I don’t like moving backwards. But it should be gone for real soon.


5 thoughts on “Casing the Joint

  1. infinitequery

    Thats a shame that you got stuck with stuff,maybe put it at the front and mark it free? I have heard it gets picked up ASAP! Can’t wait to see it all ready for you to relax and enjoy the Holidays in your own restored,neat,clean,organized(almost) Nest.


  2. CindyH

    “I love cleaning them!” 4 words I don’t think I’ve ever uttered, but maybe that’s because I don’t have anything finished with General Finishes High Performance acrylic topcoat. The base cap looks fantastic – loving how it’s call coming together!


  3. Jo

    Love your mom’s enthusiasm. It’s so great your parents are there to “put things right”. Casing — is it ever finished? Your coping skills are great. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music



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