Another Delay, What’s New?

Last week, the Irishman made me a big request and a big promise. Could I hire him all week? And if so, I’d have all the woodwork in the house installed along with all the kitchen cabinets, the countertops, the sink, the vestibule door, and strike plates for all the doorknobs by today. How much did he actually do? Nothing.

Mind you, he has had some difficult things happening lately. So I knew that there was a reasonable chance that this promise was outrageously unrealistic. But “Kitchen Friday” was also a powerful drug. The high was magnificent, but 3 days of it clouded my judgment. Meaning, it made me believe that this thing was actually happening and that I should stay away and not work on the place myself. Needless to say, coming down from this high made me irritable.

So the old plan from last week was to have 2 weeks to paint baseboards and make other finishing touches at a not-too-frantic pace, furnish the bedrooms as the get finished, and bring the sofa into a nearly complete house on the 5th. That last part is still happening. My sofa can stay where it is until my parents get ready to decorate for Christmas. The major adjustments are the not-too-frantic part and the nearly complete part.

The old plan was that I was going to prep and get rid of random crap tomorrow and Sunday my parents would join me and do lots of cleaning and start painting trim. The new plan is I’m installing baseboards and other trim all day tomorrow, my dad will prep and touch-up-paint Sunday, my mom will do all the cleaning by herself, and I’ll focus on getting rid of random crap. That’s right, my way of coping with all this is to dump more work on my parents. Son of the year I am.

So the goal is shrinking. I still hope to paint all the trim in the back bedroom except the windows. They can wait until it’s warm next year. I want to at least get the front bedroom’s trim in but could wait till Phase 2 when the room gets major rework to paint it. And in the living room, one radiator is going in without baseboards behind it. Which is sad, but I can’t get the baseboards in until after the kitchen is done and bringing the electric radiators back would be even sadder.

So now I’m back on the stick. In 2 weeks I should have sorta finished bedrooms, a thoroughly unfinished kitchen, and a really pretty wood shop with a nice couch in it. I still hope to have a Christmas party, but I’m giving myself till the 12th Night.


3 thoughts on “Another Delay, What’s New?

  1. infinitequery

    Oh Chad….Life…..2 steps forward 2 steps back but sympathy for the Irishman-I’m sure he had a good reason for not being able to take you to your finish!!!!line. But ..ya know when you think about it the house was here before you were born and may be here when you shuffle off this mortal coil…may you live long and prosper. Being 75 + I can feel your parents relief that the end is in sight, Our help for a Son has been housing his 135 lb. Rottweiler.. a strange breed under the best of circumstance and when one adds to that the fact that he is a rescue from a very abusive puppy hood he is scary to say the least. You haven’t known fear until you have had a huge 1 year old Rottweiler come up on his hind legs-mouth full of teeth,snarling and snapping… and telling you to stop trying to hug me cause I—don’t—-like—it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But we all soldier on and alls well that ends well


  2. Mary Elizabeth

    Sorry for the delays. Hope your revised schedule works. Also, I think your mother is happy to clean if it means you get some more stuff out of her basement. 🙂



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