The Archaeological Dig Begins

Having all the floors done at once may have saved me money, but I also had to plan ahead for years to have the house empty now. And then I was ridiculously late with everything and now it’s time to stop doing this to my poor parents.



So even though I can’t really furnish the house yet, I’ve started to bring things in. I also brought things up from my own basement. What, did you think my living room was done being a wood shop? But it’s better than it was.


I thought my sofa had to go first because when we couldn’t get it into the basement or any of the bedrooms it invaded the holy of holies. But my mom’s friends were impressed and now she says let it stay till the Christmas tree is going up.


But in their basement where the hoard is really bad, I borrowed a friend’s Suburban and loaded it up with bedroom furniture. Nothing to big to move around.


And the basement already looks a little better! That secretary desk didn’t fit in the truck, but Moving Day number 2 is this weekend again.



Getting that first round of stuff out was like working with a puzzle. The next round, when I’ll want some things from the back, should hopefully make it look like a real room.

So then there’s the real work. I had a snag with the baseboards. Back up in the front bedroom where it was impossible to attach anything to the wall. No surprises here.


I tried driving trim head screws into the brick but none of them held. So then I tried screwing them down into the floors, but the screws sucked the boards in so much at the bottom the tops pulled out. Then I tried a whacky idea of shimming out the bottoms with little pieces of dowel to prevent them from sucking in too far. This sorta almost worked.


I’m also getting geared up for the rest of my kitchen! So I mapped out the rest of the cabinet layout and picked them up! And I got a pleasant surprise. At IKEA, you put the drawer fittings in after the cabinet frames. This was really, really fantastic news because I can’t afford the drawers. So for now I’m going to have a copy room look with stacks of boxes in open cabinets with no shelves or drawers. It’s gonna be awesome.

Then I went to the ReStore and picked up some inoffensive Formica countertops for 50 bucks. I’m gonna have to cut them up to make them fit so they’re probably not gonna look quite right. But they’ll be usable!


And anyways, it looks like I’m getting some more Irishman help soon. I think. One can never be certain. But if he does come, I’m really, really almost there!


5 thoughts on “The Archaeological Dig Begins

  1. infinitequery

    At least your parents only have to contend with furniture-a normal thing to have in a home…………………my sons collect engine parts and heavy tools that seem to have some sort of magnetic attraction to our house. Years ago we had a Harley in our Living room now in our late seventies it is dominated by a 135 lb. Rottweiler who stares at me like I might make a tasty meal. Ya gotta chuckle at Life…its gotta be somethings idea of a Sit-com…………..



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