All by myself!

The plan was that I was gonna bring in the Irishman to do some pre-flooring repairs, but he’s not well. This was scary, but I actually did totally fine without him and was even sorta fast… I think. So what all had to be done?

One kinda straightforward job was that the cove molding under my steps was missing. The carpet installers took it out many years ago. And they put about 5000000000000000 staples in with some sort of military style machine staple gun. I hate whoever did this.


But I got to the Home Depot and to my horror, the oak cove molding wasn’t the same size as what’s on my nosing! That piece that still has the cove on the end of the step is all one piece of wood. So then with 40 minutes until they closed, I drove a half hour to Tague. And I found out that what I actually need is called scotia. Which looks just like cove except it isn’t.

I bought it, got it home, and found out that it wasn’t quite the right size either! But luckily, the Irishman’s table saw is in my living room. So I did this.


Can you see the difference? Probably not. But it shows on the steps I promise.


Then I installed it and forgot to take a photo. Stupid, but I’ll get one later.

And then I moved on to the the threshold at the back door. I have weird slopy things and holes all along this end of the room. I thought building something to cover both would be hard.


I set the Irishman’s table saw at a 10 degree angle and put a nice bevel into the end floorboards, ripped the boards down to the same widths (because I’m using whatever was left from upstairs), notched one of the boards on the end where the wall is thicker, and glued them down. I had to trim away a bit of the kitchen floor and found that it is in fact made of the good solid pine, so I’m glad I never went through with ripping it out. It looks like this now. The asymmetrical bevel to take out the cross slope is a little crude, but the floor finisher will even it all out.


And then I had enough time left over to burn paint off of the bit of baseboard and casing that I never got to before. This paint job was a thing of beauty. And the baseboard had poly from the floors slopped up about an inch and a half. I don’t miss it, obviously.


So it all came out well, except that the outlet in my baseboard has a plastic box and I melted it with the heat gun! One more small job for the punch list, but I’m moving forward with the critical work first.


I told the floor finisher to confirm me for the 9th, so it’s on! Before then, I have some more flooring repairs in the kitchen, a little more staining and finishing, and a whole lot of cleaning and emptying the house. It’ll be a fun week.


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