When are you going to get everything out of the basement?

“I mean including the things from Nana that aren’t even going to be yours?”

That’s a loaded question, Mom. I might be ready to answer it, but the answer is long. She’s talking about the things that we boxed up both times my grandmother moved in the last 5 years. Moving her was chaotic enough so we wound up with some of her stuff to deal with, well you know… half past never.


The plan is to start going through all that stuff in their basement… but first I have to make room by taking the things I do want. Which means that it’s all tied to my schedule and I think someone’s had enough. I’ve been wrong about my move in date so many times it’s become a sore subject, but it looks like I might have the skeleton of a realistic timeline.

To start, the floor finisher penciled me in for the 9th! I’m getting help from the Irishman this weekend and banging out the remaining bigger jobs. That means the threshold at the back door and the cove molding under the stairs. Plus as many smaller jobs as we can fit in. And then I’ll have 8 more days to finish odds and ends. 8 days!!!

So what next? I think I’ll be allowed in my own house again by the 11th or 12th. I’ll have through the 13th to unpack the basement and procure the 1×6’es I need for my baseboards. (The other trim work used more wood than I accounted for, unsurprisingly.) And I can set the Irishman loose on the house the 14th and 15th do do as much trim work as humanly possible outside the kitchen. That means that Monday the 16th I should in theory be able to bring the first round of furniture into the bedrooms. This dresser is down there but it’s in the back.

bedroom dresser

So back to my parents’ basement. Right now there’s a path to the laundry room. So the plan will be to fill our friends’ Suburban with as much as we can take in one trip of things I definitely want that are cluttering their house now. That means mostly furniture but I might take cookware and some other stuff too. I don’t know what I have or where anymore.

Then we can start to plan for the second round of stuff. This piece was in my grandmother’s dining room, but can go in my back bedroom… once my dad transfers his random crap to the matching hutch.

buffet and rug

Which brings us to somewhere around Thanksgiving. At this point, I’m hoping there’s room to open the table and use the basement to go through Christmas ornaments while my sister is home. Neither of us needs to buy any. Will I have a tree this year? We’ll figure that one out later. I’m also hoping that the Irishman will be up for spending Thanksgiving weekend fitting out my kitchen. Because he doesn’t like to sit still and I want a kitchen like you wouldn’t believe.

So back to my mom’s question: we might have my clutter out and be ready to go through the rest in December, but I can’t see starting in earnest until January. Let’s cross our fingers that we can have a spring yard sale. Or is that crazy talk?


2 thoughts on “When are you going to get everything out of the basement?

  1. Mary Elizabeth

    I think a spring yard sale is a reality, but you will have to go through that stuff in the winter, which you won’t want to do. You’ll want to be finishing up decorating your house. My advice about the pots, pans, dishes and knick-knacks. Go through each box only once, maybe with your sister there in person or on on Skype or on the phone (you can send her photos of what you find). As each item gets chosen or rejected for your family’s use, put it in a box with your name on it, with your sister’s name, or with “Tag/Yard/Garage Sale” (whatever you call it in your neck of the woods) written on it in large letters. Label each item with what you think is a reasonable a price while you are at it. That way, ideally, you go through each box only once, and your mom will think you are making progress, even if there are several stacks of large boxes still piled up in the basement. Because at this point, I think that’s what she wants, the feeling that you are actually making progress with the sorting.



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