2 steps forward, 1 step back

The doors are done! But I’m holding out on you. Next post you can really see them. For now here’s a bit of the process. I already said I’d be using General Finishes High Performance top coat in satin gloss with TransTint dark mahogany dye mixed into it. I applied this with rags. My parents have an abundant supply of old rags, but my dad gave me even older rags that he was hoarding in the garage. I could tell from the size of his underpants that these rags were REALLY old. The idea was to make a stain that would sit on top of the wood and even out all the different colors. Which means I had a few moments of truth.

I used a walnut colored wood filler in those big holes. I figured it would be dark enough to blend in and disappear. Was I right?


Yup, it blends in pretty well! Then there were the edges of the doors that were cut off exposing new wood and the one door where the Irishman spliced poplar onto the bottom of a pine door. IMG_5850

That doesn’t stand a chance, does it?


But then I have another type of a story. You remember this vintage light fixture I put up in my front bedroom?


Well here’s the deal. The paper insulators around the bulb sockets are toast. I found pieces of them falling out before. But everything still worked so I decided that danger or not, this can wait till after Phase 1. But here’s the deal. My electrician put the upstairs lights on a ground fault interrupter. I don’t know why. But I took a door off a set of saw horses and smacked it into this light, and enough insulator fragments fell out that now the ground and neutral are shorted out and I can’t use any of my upstairs light fixtures. This also means that if I were using them this light would be live, but worrying about that is just splitting hairs. Anyways, I have a new priority 1 item added to the punchlist.

Anyways, the doors are done. I’ll be tackling small jobs and definitely owe you some pretty reveal photos soon.


2 thoughts on “2 steps forward, 1 step back

  1. Mary Elizabeth

    I like the small variations in the doors. Each one now fits in with the others but has its own personality.

    Please, replace that light fixture tomorrow–with any inexpensive thing for now–and reset the GFI. Then you can rewire it at your leisure.

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  2. Chris Harris

    Those darn hanging fixtures — unless there’s a table underneath, there will be a next time when you or someone will knock into it again. How about shipping it off to the reuse store and finding some nice flush-to-the-ceiling fixture?



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