The Phase 1 countdown: Can I call it a punchlist yet?

I’ve had a page up here for ages that I basically stopped updating. Because calling the remaining work a punchlist when it included pretty much the whole house was ridiculous and thinking about everything left to do was depressing. But now the countdown is short enough for an update! Here’s what I need to do to make the house a (livable) home:

  • A threshold at the back door. I’ll probably run boards perpendicular to what’s in the rest of the room and with a beveled threshold to meet the existing floor and cover up all the bad spots. There are 3 other thresholds that need minor work.


  • Buy cove molding for under the stair treads. I canceled this part of my woodwork order because what Tague sells wasn’t a 100% perfect match. Now I wish I had just gotten it. The first finisher said this can go in before he sands.
  • Repair the bathroom sink drain. It’s kind of silly that I’ve been washing my hands in the bathtub for all this time. But if I have a serious time crunch I may put this off a little longer.


  • Make a final decision about whose secondhand appliances I want. Put my stove out for the scrappers if I’m not keeping it.
  • Finish clearing out the house. Extra doors can go to salvage, radiators go in the bathroom and the back yard, everything else I own goes on shelves or in the bathroom or the basement.
  • The Masonite in the living room will become temporary trim around the Phase 2 windows. (Started – more on this later.)


  • Finish the doors as discussed before.


At this point I’ll have the floors done. And then:

  • A threshold, probably marble, in the bathroom doorway
  • Remaining woodwork. I own most of it except for the 1×6 baseboards. The doorway gets the same treatment as the window.


  • Kitchen base cabinets. I don’t own the cabinets yet though the kitchen is starting to look like the tentative rendering.

kitchen rendering

  • Dryer vent. Even though Phase 1 won’t include a washer and dryer.
  • Door hardware and hanging the 2 downstairs interior doors.


  • Touch-up painting on walls and painting the trim that needs to be done right away. Baseboards behind radiators, windows that get curtains or blinds, and closet shelving first.
  • Connect the radiators. This will be my first winter with central heat working.


  • Install countertops and kitchen appliances. Secondhand, free, and beat-up as discussed before.
  • Bring in furniture! I’ll do this in phases as individual rooms are ready.
  • Non-essential trim and the walls in the vestibule and upstairs hall.
  • Maybe repair the ceiling fan in the kitchen and get the chandelier working? This would be nice but I’m not calling it essential.


And that’s it! This leaves a lot of loose ends everywhere, but it lets me get in the house and take a big break. I’ve tried to put them in order, but the sequencing could change, especially if I find a roommate. Sound manageable?


3 thoughts on “The Phase 1 countdown: Can I call it a punchlist yet?

  1. Jo

    Looking forward to your threshold solution as I have some decisions to make along the same lines. I know what you mean about updating the list and realizing it’s actually getting longer. I think the jobs just become more detailed. Move in already! Jo @ Let’s Face the Music



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