Fitting Out the Closets

This weekend went to the closets, and that means last week went to getting ready to build them. But there was a problem. My dad’s miter saw fence somehow bowed about an eighth of an inch and was no good for making accurate cuts anymore. I decided that though I probably couldn’t get it perfect, I could try to clamp it and straighten it out to be good enough for the closets. Don’t tell my mom I did it in the den.


So can you guess where this went wrong? Drumroll please.


The beer bottles are multiplying on their own. I swear.

So I called my dad and told him that the part is discontinued. He said the saw is a piece of shit and he wouldn’t throw away 40 bucks even if it were still available. So I skipped my Friday evening plans and read neurotically about saws instead. I was THIS CLOSE to driving 70 minutes away to Allentown to buy a crazy cheap fancy one on Craigslist. Then I decided that this was a stupid idea and bought a 10 inch miter saw like what we used to have. Except I bought a DeWalt. The Irishman’s miter saws are all DeWalt. And so I was in business Saturday morning. Not as early as I should have been though.


Rooting around in the garage, I found a stud finder I didn’t know my family owned. It wasn’t 100% accurate, but I was able to find framing to anchor my shelf cleats into. Easy peasy! And I used a prototype to figure out how deep to build the shelves. I’ll probably use shelves for sweaters while they’re in season.


And I used up all those old shelves my friend’s parents gave me from their basement. The nosings are thicker than the shelves, so I was gonna notch them, but I put them in upside down and once I had the sides cut to meet the not-square walls, I decided to be lazy and leave them like this.IMG_6997

I said I found studs to anchor everything into. I wasn’t talking about the linen closet, which is tiny and original to the house. I can’t tell what’s holding it together. The cleats are glued on. And also, the shelves that don’t have hardwood nosings aren’t getting them. My closets are an aesthetic free zone. (Also you can see that I have strips of other wood behind the shelves that are too shallow.)


And in the back bedroom, the door is too close to the end of the wall to fit full depth shelves so I’m cutting curves into them with the bandsaw. Freehand, so they’re not perfect. Every one I do gets better than the last though.


And then there’s the reason why this is a big deal. (Partially) clearing out the basement (partially) made the living room look like this.


Now the living room looks like this!


So things are really starting to look decent, eh? Except I’d like to clear this out and let the paint cure before I move in. The other closets can wait. (Also you can kinda see the double bar/single bar split in this photo.)



6 thoughts on “Fitting Out the Closets

  1. atkokosplace

    It’s a lot of work, but I can see the beauty of all of it in its bones. Your stairs are gorgeous. Molding, paint, refinish the floors…masterpiece! I just refinished my hardwood floors. What a job that was. Actually clean up the dust was more tedious than the sanding itself! I decided to seal the floor in it’s natural color. 6 coats. Anyway, you have a beautiful home. Glad I found your blog. Looking forward to your progress. Cheers, Koko❀


  2. atkokosplace

    P.S. Great choice on the DeWalt saw. I love their products. I just got a new cordless hand drill I totally recommend and a palm sander. The cordless hand drill is awesome. Light and super powerful. The handgrip is small and fits comfortably. If you are looking for a new drill, get it! I have a picture of it on either my instagram or twitter. I’m getting around to doing a review. Anyway love their products. Haven’t let me down yet! 🙂


  3. Nine Dark Moons

    great job with the closets! and your house is much happier for it 🙂 i will be doing something similar in my front hall closet, to make shelves up both sides. your photos give me hope that i can make mine look nice, too!



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