The last kitchen cabinet plan?

Maybe the last you’ll hear if the uppers anyway. For like 2 days I could walk around my living room. It was so great. Then I cleaned up the basement and that went away. So I want to burn through a lot of the crap that’s sitting out everywhere by (1) installing all the cabinets and shelves and then (2) putting tools in said cabinets and shelves. So I’m doing the top half of my kitchen. I don’t own the rest yet.

Looks wise, I’m emphatic that the kitchen is a work room and if form and function are in conflict, function wins. I want to work and store things in here. But once those are taken care if, of course looks matter.

You might remember this rough sketch of my wall cabinets on the stove/fridge side. I’m putting in 4 foot tall wall cabinets to get as much storage as possible, putting a deeper cabinet over the fridge, and installing an over-the-range microwave. The first plan was to stack small cabinets over big ones, which I think is normally the more attractive way to do it, but I was never sure if I liked the cabinet doors bouncing up and down like this.

Elevation Stove Side

It’s not that bad. Not like the advertisements granite fabricators put in Clipper Magazine showing kitchens that look like casino lobbies with horrors like carved corbels, Corinthian columns, and elaborate ogee countertop edges. It doesn’t have apothecaey drawers or wine racks or staggered caninets that look like a Chichen Itza that wants to be a hutch. Over the range microwaves aren’t pretty, but they aren’t pretending to be 18th Century mantles like some range hood covers do.

But it’s not as plain as I wanted. Something is still off. So when Ross (a reader with an amazing blog of his own) suggested flipping this and putting the 30 inch cabinets on top instead, I was thrilled to see a defiantly plain, orderly row of wall cabinets that still accommodates the practical things I want. And most importantly, it won’t cost me a penny more.

Kitchen Cabinets Without Up Down

The other side of the kitchen is going to get the same treatment with cabinets flanking the window. I am not fond of disrupting the shapes of rooms with pipe/duct chases or closets, but I did have to have one visible chase in the kitchen. But on the bright side, the chase centered the window!


You can see that my 1930’s reproduction woodwork is up. The Irishman had his co-worker make a custom knife to match the old trim and then mill all this out of scrap wood for a scandalously low price. I’ve already committed to custom doors on my wall cabinets because IKEA doesn’t make all the cabinet sizes I wanted, so I’m going to cut the cabinets on this wall down to whatever width I think gives the awesome trim enough breathing space. I’ll have big cabinets stacked over little again, but I could consider having 4 foot tall doors made and scrapping the stacked look. I have options.


3 thoughts on “The last kitchen cabinet plan?

  1. casey

    My own take would be to keep with the stacked doors on the sink side, as well- why introduce a third door height in such a small space? Then again it’s purely aesthetic and wouldn’t impact the storage space significantly, if at all.



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