Planning out… the closets!

Now that the house is wired and dirty, I’m going back to jobs that involve cutting up lots of things. My piles of leftover wood are going to turn into good, sturdy closet shelving. Nothing fancy, they’ll be simple painted plywood resting on wooden cleats screwed into the walls. Do you remember what the closets were like before? This will be a massive upgrade.

Front bedroom closet

Front bedroom closet

The early 1950’s house I grew up in has shelves oriented sideways to the doors in the closets. My bedroom has the worst one; it’s narrow and deep. But that’s how they made they made them fit together. I’ll be rounding off the ends of the shelves just like this for the back bedroom closet.


Because there’s a pipe chase in that closet so there’s not room for a clothes bar at that end anyway.


For bars, I’ve decided in here to run cleats around the walls for a single clothes bar (68 inches off the floor) and for double bars (42 and 84 inches) but no bar is going in until someone occupies the room. I’ll space some shelves 7 inches apart for shoes and some 12-14 for general storage, with the bottom one 16 off the floor. Apparently this is standard

In the front bedroom, I have bypassing sliding doors that only allow access to half the closet at once. I also have a pull chain light at each end. There’s room at the right side of the door for deep shelving, so I’m going to run shelves up that end (where the rug is) and have a short single bar in front of that door.


On the left side, the door is much closer to the end. There won’t be any shelving here, and I’ll have double bars that are longer than the single bar to the right. And I picked up 3 utilitarian metal shelf brackets for the middle of the closet where the bars end.


Then I have this little closet that I’m going to repurpose for linens. This used to be the deepest in the house at 15 inches. The shelves were extras that my friend’s parents were throwing away, so now they’re free material for me. Some closets will have the nice shelf nosing from these shelves but I won’t be making more of it. This closet is also a challenge because there don’t seem to be any studs in the wall. If you bang it, bits of the original plaster fall off and land on the floor inside.


I think installing the shelf cleats will be simple everywhere else, but there’s only one way to find out for sure. Does anyone have suggestions for getting stuff to hold to these old walls? Or for how to space my shelves and place the bars? Is an asymmetrical “master” closet a recipe for future marital problems?f


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