Electric is done! Come see my fixtures!

The electric is done! Not only do I have outlets but there’s a new level of prettiness all over the house. And also a lot of questions since everything I do is convoluted. So here’s what we’ve got.

Remember that light from my parents’ upstairs hall? Well my mom never liked it much, so now it’s mine. It is more appropriate for my high ceilings anyway. She asked if it’s nice enough for my vestibule. I think it’s fine, though I’ll upgrade if I find something awesome that’s also cheap in the future.


It has kitschy frosted designs on the glass that belie its 1950’s roots.IMG_6804

The dining room light is still just a pig tail. I bought a very modern chrome chandelier from the 60’s with a friend ages ago. I wasn’t sure about it then, and I’m even less so now. But since I own it and I don’t own anything else, I think I should invest in the missing parts, hang it, and get it in shape to resell for as much as I can. Or maybe I’ll decide it works after all. I do believe in mixing styles.


Then in the kitchen, one of the ceiling fan blade brackets broke… the brackets aren’t quite the same size as the replacements at the Home Depot, so I’ve got to figure out if it’s feasible to get the replacements. And also if I even want to.


In the upstairs hall I’m thrilled to have lights. Thrilled! But I think they’re a little bulky for the space. They were a Christmas gift early on, and they’re from IKEA. And again, although they’re one of the most attractive $30 light fixtures I’ve seen, I’m second guessing the idea to mix in these very modern things. Still they’re a huge upgrade from the old one, which made scary buzzing noises and flickered when I touched it.


Then in the back bedroom, you remember the big plywood canopy I made to cover the open top of the fixture?


It worked as intended! You can’t tell it’s there. I do wonder if these bulbs are too small. But soon there will be attractive and cost effective LED replacements and all bulbs like these will go byebye.


And in the front bedroom, I have a small chandelier. It’s funny because the scales of the two bedrooms are backwards, but I used what I could get where they fit the ceiling heights.


At some point I want to find replacement bobesches for around the bulb sockets. This started off as a bare bulb fixture then had globe fitters clamped on later. I’m really tempted to buy this set on eBay. What do you think? I’d obviously need to strip, polish, and re-lacquer the brass to make it match my fixtures shiny restored finish.

In the bathroom I have bare bulb fixtures that I took out of the basement. I was sad to see that they don’t match and that only one is porcelain. If I’m gonna have crappy temporary fixtures, I’d like for them not to be plastic. But I’d also like for them to be free.


And speaking of the basement, I can actually see down there now! It might have been better when I couldn’t. I have a vintage Lionel train set with Plasticville houses that I’d like to set up down here. Remember, there are 4 children next door. The Irishman and his 3 kids. Can you see there being room for all that in here this Christmas?


And when it comes to the current season, it’s kind of great that I was longing for a breeze out back all summer and got the fan as soon as the heat broke. This one is definitely boring but definitely useful and definitely staying. I even bought it new.


So there’s the effect. Next time I owe you something about the experience.


11 thoughts on “Electric is done! Come see my fixtures!

  1. Jo

    All those electric fixtures finished is a ton of progress. Have fun with the train. Are you still going to make the Pope’s visit? Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


    1. Chad's Crooked House Post author

      No, that’s about a week away! And the huge spike in Airbnb prices didn’t happen so I didn’t lose much out of this. (Also this means people are sane since for the prices we were hoping to fetch, you could visit Philadelphia on a normal weekend and visit Rome to see the pope and have way better vacations)

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Ross

    The chrome chandelier is fabulous, and may be by Lightolier. If so, it is worth $$$$.

    The bulbs should be round and clear.

    Does it also have sockets on the bottom?


    1. Chad's Crooked House Post author

      No they’re only on top. There’s no brand marking. The non-lighted spokes have holes in them for crystals or some kind of decorative things that are missing. This fixture is still outside of my comfort zone but you’re bolstering my confidence.


  3. Nine Dark Moons

    “Remember, there are 4 children next door. The Irishman and his 3 kids.” – LOLOL!!!
    I love that crazy chromy star-ish light thingy! you should definitely hang some bling from the empty spokes and hang it up!


  4. Mary Elizabeth

    I think the bobeches on eBay are great, but I can’t picture how they will look on your light fixture and how they will attach. I really like the one in the vestibule, because it is a 1950s throwback style–i.e., “coolonial.” The Lightolier-type fixture will fit in in its own way, so I would go for it. You can always replace it later if you don’t like it, and in the meantime you have light in your dining area.


    1. Chad's Crooked House Post author

      The bulb sockets have threads on them, so the bobeches should go right on over those and cover the gap between the sockets and the bells. It would look similar to the back bedroom light. But if they don’t line up right it would look bad, so I’m afraid to put money out based on a photo. I can try to take some measurements and see if I can figure it out.



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