Paint Wrap Up and Color Reveal

Did I have a good Labor Day weekend? No, it was exhausting and I didn’t really do anything fun. But the house is all painted and I’ve handed it over to the electrician! He didn’t want to waste any time, and how could I say no?

Friday night was the final prep: putting paint samples on the wall. I picked colors off cards for the bathroom and back bedroom, but I’m glad to have spent the $25 on 5 colors this time because I would not have been happy with my first picks. In the living room I channeled my inner Goldilocks. I leven ooked the part some 25 years ago, but I digress…

Old pic with Mom

But now what I actually meant is that my first color choice was overbearing and orangey. The second, my mom’s pick, was insipid. The third was just right.


And I feel like I’m turning into my mom. It matches the stained glass perfectly! I’m not usually a stickler for matching, but it worked out this time.


The kitchen is just off white, the same color as the ceilings everywhere else. It’s a little warm, and that subtle change made a big difference in how the room feels. Like I said, I can put a color on the kitchen cabinets later if this is too boring. Also, all the living room paint is the same color. It just looks different here.


The vestibule is gonna be navy, including the ceiling. But in case the walls get banged up when the rest of the woodwork goes in, I just did this much so far. This color came from a friend; we each need about a half gallon. And I was grateful to not have to pick it out!


Then I did the matching thing. I pulled a neutral out of the marble to get a safe background color for the room. I was surprised to find that the colors that worked best with the marble were greyer than I expected. And again, it took 2 tries. It looks serene and all, but I’ll want to liven up the room… at some point.


Now let’s back up to a night after work next week. The plan was to put all the pre-hung doors in the bathroom now to free up the room for painting and leave them there until after the floors were finished. But there’s no way the supertall closet doors were gonna fit.


So now they’re installed instead and WAHOO I’M SO EXCITED


And let’s celebrate the demise of all those pig tails… except the one where my dining room chandelier goes. But even more exciting than that? Multiple outlets upstairs mean the end of this mess. And new adventures of actually being able to close the bathroom door.


Oh also, my mom loves all my colors. I wanted to call myself independent (ha) but this approval was important.


10 thoughts on “Paint Wrap Up and Color Reveal

  1. Mary Elizabeth

    Yay! The colors look great. Although they are neutrals, they still look “rich.” Glad you went to the trouble of buying samples to see how they looked on the walls.


  2. Nine Dark Moons

    i can’t wait to see what the vestibule looks like when it’s all navy blue! you’ve inspired me to consider painting the ceiling of the front entrance hall i’m currently redoing. all your colors are looking fantastic!



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