Rounding Up and Chickening Out

I’ve gone in some circles with paint colors from my bedroom and now I’m thinking of dialing it back. Way back. I’ve gone from strong and dark to light, plain and neutral. Something that won’t compete with all that marble and mahogany. I took a piece of the marble into the paint store with me and was surprised to see that it goes best with greyer tones than I was expecting, so it looks like my walls might end up greige. But you can talk me out of this, too, if you want. I’m still painting the walls and ceiling in the vestibule navy. It will feel like entering the house through a dark, fancy closet.

Then what else have I been up to? Well, the toilet is hooked up again! And weirder yet, it’s clean. But the stored materials are making their way in because it was getting too boring in here. My left knee fits between the two door jambs so it’s all good.


The living and kitchen are both cleared out enough to walk through! Tidying up isn’t my strong suit, so my dad deserves most of the credit for this one.


And ceiling repairs in the kitchen. The light is back where it should be, centered between the beams. And the patches from the waterfall incident are just about smoothed out enough to paint over now.


And I made this thing. Can anyone guess what it is? In other news, I used the band saw I thought we should get rid of.


Answer: the old flush mount light I impulse bought like a year ago is actually a chandelier with lots of pieces missing. So it looks like a flush mount, but if you put it on the ceiling there’d be nothing to cover the electrical box. Now it should be totally usable.


The cuts don’t show. I’m planning on painting the board to match the ceiling so it looks like it’s not there. But I could put an interesting color on it instead. I could, but I don’t think I want to.

Then there are the two ceiling fans I was planning on using in the kitchen and the back yard. I bought one for the back and definitely, definitely look forward to some man-made breezes back there. There aren’t many ceiling fans that are rated to use outside and small enough for my little overhang, but luckily, Lowe’s carries one.

I might put this hand-me-down in the kitchen, too. The switch housing cracked and I’ll probably want to add a light. And then… the motor housing is oak. I don’t really understand why that is a thing. But the blades are real wood and I think a ceiling fan in the kitchen would be handy.


And if I use it, I’ll need to either buy a light kit and I may wind up staring at it angrily. So I may not even be willing to invest 25 bucks into making it usable for now. Maybe I was wrong when I said I had phased out all my boob lights. Also, the chandelier I bought, which is also a questionable choice, is not ready to hang. It’s more likely that I’ll do worse than boob lights and leave the pig tails.


9 thoughts on “Rounding Up and Chickening Out

  1. Ross

    I am baffled by the plywood atop the flush-mount.

    The fixture, itself, will amply cover the electrical box.

    And, you are FORBIDDEN to add a light kit to the ceiling fan! FORBIDDEN! In my big old house, I am REMOVING the lights from every single not-very-old ceiling fan.


      1. Ross

        A must for a kitchen is under-counter lighting. Are you planning any?

        In the kitchen to my 1894 carriage house, I am doing a center ceiling fan (but with NO lighting attached!), three vintage sconces, and under-counter lighting.


      2. Nine Dark Moons

        ikea and home depot have undermount kitchen lighting systems that only requires one unit to be hooked up to an electric box, and then 7 or 8 more matching lights can be attached to that one so you can light your whole kitchen. it’s like a train and only the engine needs to be hooked up.


  2. Margaret

    I tend to live with bare bulbs hanging from pigtails for years because I can’t make decisions. It’s kind of my thing. My family hates it.


  3. Mary Elizabeth

    About “griege.” I don’t think most people object to it as a color. It’s when you walk into a house and the walls are grayish beige, and the carpet, and the sofa and chair, and the kitchen cabinets, and the countertops are all that color that one feels as if one is in a prison and should put on some orange overalls for color. I think using neutral colors as a backdrop for your colorful rugs and furnishings will work well for you.

    The dark blue vestibule will work well, I think, as a transition space. When you step into your living room, it will feel large and bright.

    I don’t see what is wrong with a lighted ceiling fan in your kitchen; it seems a good solution for such a small space. You can get a light kit and install a dimmer switch to control the amount of light you want. You don’t need special wiring for under-counter lighting either–you can get LED strips that plug into an outlet. Temporarily, you can get LED lights that stick under the cabinets and run on batteries. I had them in my trailer and they came in handy when there was no power after a storm.

    If you decide on just putting an inexpensive ceiling light up, you can see how it goes. It doesn’t have to be a boob light. Look in Home Depot and Lowe’s for a flush mount ceiling light. Although boob lights are among them, there are other plain lights that look fine. Thanks for reminding me that I have one more boob light in my house to replace.

    You do have a range hood with an exhaust fan, right? That may be enough to cool your kitchen in the summer. If not, you can eventually replace it with a fan. Do you have a fan box in place, just in case?


  4. infinitequery

    The explanation of the “facility” accommodating your left knee was hilarious, you adapt to these little impediments of remodeling with a wry humor that is refreshing in this day of watching silly people seriously injuring themselves, to me……not at all amusing, but then I am old and from another Century. We have found non boob ceiling fixtures and do have lights on all your ceiling fans. Not the multiple kind but the single smooth globe type. They resemble the school house fixture of old so they might work with a Victorian décor, Also make sure your dimmers accommodate the new light bulbs some don’t. It’s looking great Chad, I was impressed by the dark inlay on your living room floor. That will be stunning when you get it cleaned and polished.


  5. Julia at Home on 129 Acres

    I think I’ve mentioned before that growing up we had a pigtail in our main floor sunroom for at least 10 years. We still have one in our basement–reno completed two years ago. (Except my husband is adamant that the reno isn’t done until all the pigtails are gone.) So I’m completely supportive of pigtails until you figure out what actually works for your space.

    I’m also in favour of light neutral paint for your main rooms. I feel like it makes sense given the furniture and accessories you have planned for the space.



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