Turning Another Corner

I’ve just begun reintroducing myself to my own house. I’ve been in it plenty lately, but I always looked at the progress and carefully ignored the chaos piling up in the corners. But now it’s my turn to get to work on the place. The first order of business is cleaning. Which means shoveling up sawdust and, sigh, more crumbled plaster.

There are scraps of woodwork everywhere. And long skinny sticks from all the custom rips of all my trim.


2 evenings have most of the Irishman’s chaos cleaned up. I’m dreading the kitchen though. But that’s too boring to write about. The interesting part is moving forward. Having the floors done is the hurdle we knew about all along. The one that my life is going to revolve around sooner or later. But really, there are only two things that NEED to happen before the floors are done:

  • Thresholds and transitions where flooring materials change. I have 5 of these, 4 of which will be wood and need to be done.
  • Emptying the house except the bathroom, basement, and back yard. The woodwork that’s been pre-cut has to all be labeled and then moved into the bathroom.

That’s it. Doesn’t sound like a lot. But then there’s a lot more stuff that it would be nice to do.

There’s the wild card, final installation of the electrical stuff. Because I don’t want power strips and extension cords running all over the house from the couple of working outlets I have. To do this, I’ll be painting the kitchen, living room, front bedroom, and vestibule. The walls in the upstairs hall probably won’t survive moving furniture unscathed, so they’ll have to wait.

That’s the plan for Memorial Day weekend. Paint the house. We’ll talk about colors later. Before that happens, there are those patches in the kitchen ceiling from the plumbing stupidity flood. I never finished sanding and mudding the new joints.


And then there’s the ceiling light. I remember texting the electrician, “Do you think I should center the light between the beams or center it in the room?”  He replied, “Center the room.” While the Irishman was in the house not long ago, he looked up and asked why I didn’t center it between the beams.


The lesson is, don’t let your tradesmen make aesthetic choices for you! At least not when you already know what you want. I’m redoing it now though.

Then I have a laundry list of things that I’d like to do if I can.

  • Clean the toilet and reinstall the tank. I’m tired of flushing it by pouring water in from a bucket.
  • Clean out the oven. It’s full of little broken architectural bits that I needed to keep safe to put things back together. And receipts.
  • Stain the patio door, the living room window alcoves, the banister, and the secondhand IKEA bed frame I’ll be using. They’ll all get the same dyed finish that I got for the doors upstairs, but since some of those doors are nailed into their new jambs, I won’t be finishing any of them just yet.
  • Closet shelving. I’d like them done in the front bedroom and linen closets. This will eliminate most of my scrap wood and give me more places off the floor to put my crap.

And that’s the bulk of it! Next time I think we need to talk about paint colors again.


5 thoughts on “Turning Another Corner

  1. Jo

    Electricians loved the middle of the room. If you tell them you don’t want it there they just tsk-tsk and shake their heads. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music



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