The Irishman’s Going Gangbusters

So I wanted to do stuff to get wood cleared out of the way. The Irishman has different ideas and wants to do everything. 6 months ago, I was to have no door jambs reaching the floor before the floors are sanded. Now, not so much. But who am I to say no? IT LOOKS SO GOOD

So what has he done? He made some of the doors pre-hung, just like Home Depot. You know, except that mine are either crooked or massive.


And here’s another look at a windowsill.


In fact, we may be far enough along for a before-after! Here’s the same view during¬†demolition 2 years ago. That piece of drywall was just screwed on like that. And yes, this is the original woodwork that sold the house to me.


You need to get a better look at his clean mitered returns on the edge of that trim.


And what else? He cut down my mom’s old stained glass transom and made it fit my house!


He put in the vestibule paneling! Some fancy bits are still missing.


And the anachronistic but awesome big heavy bypassing sliding doors? I planned them out in April 2013Fancy closet doors will go here.

Fancy closet doors will go here.

And again in March 2014


And here they are!


Yes, this is real life. And then there’s the sliding pocket door to the coat closet. He had do do something funny with the trim to make the tops of the two doors line up. And yes, I’m playing pretend with my woodwork again.


He lengthened the linen closet door and even made the wood grain run in the right direction!


And cut scrap plywood from the armoire to follow the wavy ceiling perfectly around the stairwell.


And all this with the drama of the imperfect house, my dad’s and my imperfect framing, and the imperfect doors. Several of them had to be clamped and glued back together. I have different door hardware in different rooms, and I’ve known for 2 years exactly how I wanted everything. I think I could have made his head explode.

But mine may be exploding too.


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