Taking one for the team

It’s been a while since I’ve written. But I’m finally done with those doors! They’re now stacked up in a closet upstairs again. For new progress, I’ve moved on to getting ready to spray paint. It might seem like I’m jumping around for no good reason, but (and I’m not going to name names) someone went on a long trip to Ireland and messed up everything. Changing gears isn’t so bad though. It meant that I had to finish that God-forsaken job of stripping the doors and move on to the even worse job of stripping a radiator. But now all that is done! In the end I gave up on the radiator and decided to turn it around and leave the residue of partially stripped paint facing the wall. And just like magic, look how clean it is!


Totally paint grade at least. And. I got 80 bucks for those bricks! Sold them to a guy up in the Northeast who wants to cut them down and use the faces to veneer a wall, and then mix up special mortar with horse hair in it and figure out a technique to make it look like mine. And of course mine looks the way it does just because I didn’t work to hard to get my bricks clean.


I’d love to see how that turns out. Sounds like a fun project So then, I power washed the living daylights out of my back yard and went to a yard sale and bought a whole bunch of flower pots.


This sounds crazy, but it’s not as bad as it sounds because I needed to make it nice before I bring in my grandmother’s wrought iron patio furniture. It’s supposed to go to my sister, but she’s going to have trouble getting it up to Boston. And I love her so much that I said I’ll keep it as long as she needs me to. So tomorrow into the city it comes. Sigh, I guess I can handle it.


And that means that for the time being, that cute oak bench is going back to the attic from whence it came. Much like my house, it needs way more work than I thought it did at first glance. So good riddance. I’ll pull it out in a year or two when I can stand to think about extra projects.

And… my neighbor gave me his vestibule door! I had a kinda decent one, but this one is acutally old, drilled for a mortise lock, and fitted with beveled glass!


But it gives me a dilemma. I have a set of cool art deco hardware that came with my house.


And I have 3 of these, enough for my entire first floor if I use something else in the basement stairwell. But… I could also keep this other knob that came from the house across the street if I want. And I think it’s even nicer. At least quality wise. But I only have 2 of these back plates.


So I should be back with talk of things I can stand soon. Plus some more jobs I can’t. In the meantime, what do you say about my hardware dilemma?


9 thoughts on “Taking one for the team

  1. Jo

    Love your “new” door. I personally don’t care about hardware matching especially if there is a story behind it. The radiator looks rad. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


  2. ladylansdowne

    I like it being different… It should be different, it came from somewhere else so has its own story to tell…and there’s nothing wrong with being an individual! But then I’m biased…of the 15 or so doors we had, I don’t think we found a matching pair of knobs on either side of any of them….


  3. Mary Elizabeth

    I like your idea of making the hardware match on the first floor. It will integrate the odd doors. Keep the hardware from the gift door (which is beautiful, by the way!) to use somewhere else in the house. We had the same problem with the hardware we bought for the doors in our house–a discontinued style that looked good with a MCM house. But when we opened the last boxes for the last doors installed, it was a different style in a mislabeled box. We ended up using the mismatching ones on bedroom closet doors, which worked out just fine.



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