March Makeover Madness

I was a little bit of a load the weekend before last, so I’m not as far along as I’d want to be. But that’s ok because now Sherwin Williams is having a March Makeover Madness sale. Someone needs to talk to them about these names. I think I’ve chosen my paint, but have to wait till they open at 10 tomorrow to get the discount. The plan is that I’m going to go with a greyish off white on the ceiling and a either a subtle light blue or light greenish blue on the walls. My parents came in for breakfast to help me decide which goes best with the tile. I had fun with samples like this. The photo is useless for figuring out colors but you might get the idea at least. The two blues in the upper right were the final contenders.


In the end I got a greyish off white for the ceiling and a foggy, greyish light blue for the walls. I think they work nicely together. The white primer made the tile look too dirty.

The back bedroom is ready to paint, too. I’m starting to think a cheery but soft green would work there. The Internet says that it’s a good color for rooms with east facing windows, and this room gets the best light in the house until I’m ready to take down my awnings. I might go in there to read the paper when I’m home in the mornings. There’s a rocking chair in the attic I can have.

And the kitchen and upstairs hall I’ll leave neutral. Some warm off white will do well. Something that looks good with what I have in the living room. I’m thinking some shade of gold. But not too yellow. I hated the way the spray foam color looked with the brick.


So we got to the first paint store and their tinting machine was broken. She sent us to another store, not too far away, but when we got there we found out that they were out of the paint I wanted. The salesperson at the first store ran after us to bring us back in to buy the paint and then bring it to the other store for tinting, but we had already turned the corner. So instead we went to a third store where the paint was in stock and the tinter worked. But there was someone ahead of me trying to get a custom color adjusted. By the time we had the paint I decided to finish off less urgent priming jobs instead of starting on the nice paint. I’m excited to start it this weekend!


7 thoughts on “March Makeover Madness

  1. infinitequery

    Chad- Not to be unsympathetic but this made me laugh out loud- What a Comedy of paint Hilarity. I hope you all got a chuckle too-although that might have been after you stopped throwing paint cans through the store window!


  2. Jo

    I hate how one small trip for paint (or any single material) always turns into a marathon. Sometimes it’s their fault but sometimes it’s min. I know you’re eager to see you rooms painted — we’re waiting with you. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music



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