A small reveal of my pretty much taped walls!

The tapers appear to be pretty much done! They missed a couple spots that they may have to touch up once more, but overall the work looks really good. Let’s see if my photography can capture the beauty of flat walls. What really impressed me is that where the drywall boards didn’t line up perfectly flat (because the crookedness fights its way through everywhere) they skimmed a foot and a half or more to even things out.


So you can see that the original crookedness is still here, but all smoothed out. And the ceiling should hopefully be sturdy enough not to drop on my head while I’m sleeping now.

Here’s another spot that I made complicated: in the back bedroom, I have a slanted ceiling, a flat ceiling, a little jog in the wall, and drywall meeting exposed brick. I’d say now they’ve come together with finesse.


And the tapers resolved that question I had about leaving original plaster exposed. They skim coated all of it.


So paint it is. And then there’s the “crooked teeth wall” in the kitchen. The taped joints have toned down the craziness, which reinforces that I definitely want all the walls, ceiling, and soffits the same color.


The Irishman needs to do a walk through with them before we release final payment. And until they’re really done and I know the house won’t be getting any touch-up work, it’s a waste of my time to vacuum. So for now there’s enough white powder on the floors that you might mistake my house for a cocaine den. Also, they pulled off the break-away plastic strips from the Zip bead. I thought they were supposed to stay on until the painting is done, but I guess I would have wanted to tape the beams off anyway since the strips aren’t even a quarter of an inch wide.


And in other news, I figured out that the toilet is still usable without the tank. This is important, people. I didn’t want to go back to the pee hole, but I also don’t want to put the tank back on until the bathroom is painted. So I was pretty excited to realize that I can flush the toilet by pouring water into the tank from a bucket. Yep, this is real life when you’re renovating a house with 1 bathroom.

So… this is big news! I had to have the place really cleared out for wall taping. I have one more similar hurdle when the floors get finished, but the place is now ready for all kinds of pretty things!


8 thoughts on “A small reveal of my pretty much taped walls!

    1. Chad's Crooked House Post author

      Thanks! Yeah, this bedroom has relatively low ceilings because of how the roof slopes, so the slant gives a little height and interest where I could get it. Also, the amazing 94 inch closet doors I bought wouldn’t fit if I framed it out flat. Whoops!

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  1. Jo

    Your finishers did a great job especially on the skim coated walls (that you might have kept in original condition). My guys didn’t quite finish this weekend but my house and yours look similar right now. Oh, the beauty of joint compound actually on the walls and especially the ceilings. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music



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