Pre-Taping Fever

The fever was rather literal. I had tonsillitis last week. Fine time to get it. The plan was that the Irishman would put up corner bead and Zip bead (where drywall meets exposed beams, exposed brick, etc.) while I put up small patches of drywall in the many spots where little bits were missing. Then this weekend, the crookedness-related gaps around drywall and chunks missing from the old plaster could be filled in with setting compound while other odds and ends of cleanup were finished off.

Instead, the Irishman worked by himself last Saturday. The bead went up, but not much else. He called me while I was cocooned in my (suburban) bed fighting fever chills to tell me there were 4 days’ worth of work left in the house. I flipped out… weakly. Went back to work before I should have, got caught up on things, and my boss didn’t have a problem with me taking a day or two off work if I needed to. I’m lucky with that.

But this weekend, everything came together! The Irishman redid these small drywall squares a half inch higher than I had them, and they look way better. The Zip bead is on with aerosol glue that he said took a few years off his life.


Zip bead around exposed beams

And all the random bits of drywall are up. And the house is (pretty much) cleared out!



And I’ve refined my totally legal* trash disposal methods. Lie the trash can down and you can get more in.


*Note: no comment except how much class my trash brings to the suburban block. I’m almost done doing this though!

So this really wraps things up – changes are a-comin’!


7 thoughts on “Pre-Taping Fever

  1. Larry @ Ocean State Home

    Interesting. I’ve never seen the zip bead stuff before. Then again I’ve never worked with old beams like that. So do you use aerosol glue to adhere them to the ceiling? And do you tape off the beams to keep the drywall mud off of them when the ceiling is being worked on?

    Your home will look great when it is all done.


    1. Chad's Crooked House Post author

      I believe that Zip bead is a brand name for a product otherwise known as an L bead. It has a tear-away piece to shield the beams. That piece is small though, so I might tape them off too. And yes, the bead is held on with aerosol glue.


  2. CindyH

    WOW!! If I didn’t see the pix, I wouldn’t believe it! Hope that bout of tonsillitis will ward off any more ills – that sounds awful.



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