Decking the hall

Whoo hoo! The hall done! (ish) And still crooked.


If you were hoping to see boughs of holly on this blog, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Next year I’ll put up real Christmas decorations. This year, you can see a wreath though.


Back to the drywall… the kitchen is done, except for 2 small pieces I can easily finish by myself. You can finally see that pesky soffit above the fridge…


And the way I kept every door opening at the back of the house the same height. The interior opening between the living room and the kitchen is going to be a couple inches narrower on each side so I have room for wood trim.


And now the Sheetrocking is down to 2 closets, the vestibule, and the stairwell to the basement. This wall wall had 3/8 inch drywall when I bought the house, but I think before that it might have had 1/4 before that! That’s thin; 3/8 Sheetrock is flimsy and usually favored by cheap developers, but the basement stairs are really, really narrow, so I can see why they kept the walls thin. If my new drywall sticks out beyond the trim, my neighbor will make me special molding that has a zig zag in the back to sorta hide it. How lucky am I to live next to him?


And better yet, he might be able to hook me up with cedar sheeting to use instead of drywall in my upstairs hall coat closet. I know it’s a little awkward to keep the coats upstairs, but I was not willing to lose a window to have a closet downstairs. Now that it can be a cedar closet, it has a reason to exist even if my coat always ends up tossed on a chair.

And most exciting of all? The little scraps of drywall that I had everywhere are disappearing! I rounded up everything that’s left and sorted it by size. I’ll probably be able to use half of these and then the rest I’ll gleefully cart away.



4 thoughts on “Decking the hall

  1. Alison

    Hi I’m new here after finding you with the “Drywall” tag on wordpress. 🙂 I am so looking forward to reading through everything you have done on your house so far and just wanted to pop in to say hi!



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