Patio Door Post 3: The Aftermath

So before the patio door was going in I was starting to get junk out of the living room and restore some level of order to the house. Then that whirlwind of a week getting the door in a week sooner than I expected, and suddenly HOLYCRAPHOWDIDTHISHAPPEN????


The good news is it’s going away quickly. Those screw jacks went back for a full refund, totally unused.



Anyways, now I’m really acting like a professional. And the bricks? I’m gonna sell them on Craigslist. The ad will absolutely not say “common brick.” I’m going to call it historic Philadelphia antique building brick. I was gonna link to the post here, but now my back yard is too full of trash to list them. Here’s a preview of the ad. You can help me with colorful language to really get the most possible out of that brick.


But look. Direct. Sunlight. On. My. Kitchen. Floor. It’s all worth it. And have a look. The living room is clear now! (And one of the worst photos of me ever taken.)

living room

Now get this. I started ordering woodwork. Remember it? I’m excited! Even though it was expensive. Renovations are all about compromise, but there will be none of that when it comes to an historically accurate replacement for the original trim that I reluctantly trashed.


And I agreed to bring my neighbor back in. The living room is gonna be sheetrocked tomorrow! Holy crap! That will give me a clean space for painting though. He says if I work at his pace I can be in by Christmas. That might mean taking a lot of Fridays off though. And I think working at that pace for 2 whole months would do me in. Still, the thought of being in that soon is tempting. Even if I’d end up way too exhausted to even celebrate Christmas. Whatever ends up happening, I’m glad things are moving. I might have walls and central heat before it gets cold.


4 thoughts on “Patio Door Post 3: The Aftermath

  1. infinitequery

    Hallelujah! You must be feeling thrilled that all of your hard hard work and $$$$$$$$$ are finally looking like the potential of a lovely Home. Multiple pats on the back Chad-You definitely deserve it.


  2. Mary Elizabeth

    Chad, this is truly amazing! Well done! My advice–don’t set Christmas as a goal. Get as much done as you can, then set New Year’s Day or Jan. 2 as your moving-in day. Take time off from the project a few days around Christmas time to relax and enjoy. (And don’t forget firewood for your mom, hee hee.) Seriously, if you count up all the stress points for home renovation, moving, and the holidays, you will reach the level of officially comatose.



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