Patio Door Post 1: The calm before the storm

I’ve wanted to put in this patio door all along for the light and a better kitchen layout. But actually spending money on it scared me. I started getting estimates, and then my next door neighbor, who is a master carpenter, offered to do it with me and my dad at a big discount. I went to tell him on Monday that I was in fact ready to have him do it next Saturday, meaning the 18th. When I went to tell him this on Monday, he said, “Why don’t we do it this Saturday?” I stammered a little, but all I really had to say was “Guess it’ll be a busy week!” After all, I need it done. Before it gets cold. And really, I need the whole house done sooner or later. But something happened for this e

On Monday, the plan was just to clean out and organize the kitchen and living room with another friend. Then my neighbor came in and started picking at the wall. He found the original chestnut lintel above the back door. So instead of just cleaning we stripped the remaining (horribly installed) drywall and did a little less orgainizing than I had hoped. Not like I WANTED to do that anyway… And after that we put down a piece of Eucaboard to protect the kitchen floor. Yes, after.


Tuesday the plan was to go to the Home Depot, but my neighbor had a rough day so instead I pulled down some loose plaster and bricked shut the kitchen exhaust fan hole.


Wednesday my neighbor said we needed to see how the joists sit on the brick. They’ll need to be shimmed from the outside and the inside so the house doesn’t settle. So now we see that painting and restoring that original beadboard (which is actually not that old after all) was a bit of a scheduling fail. Luckily, very little of the insulation came down and I’ll be able to push a bit up by hand to replace what did fall out.


And yesterday I left work an hour early to get a head start on things because he was home early, too. When I got there, my back door was already gone. You might have already noticed that in the photo. Then we went to the Home Depot to get materials. Half of the old door opening is getting closed up; the other half is getting cut out higher. So we framed out the part that’s getting closed with pressure treated 2×10’s. That’s WAY heavier wood than necessary, but it’s about the thickness of the brick, so it’ll make shimming easier. The plywood over the door opening is coming back down. And then going back up again.



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