There’s ceiling on my floor again

But it’s not nearly as terrifying this time.


Now there was a sagging issue with the front bedroom ceiling, and I was worried that I was going to have to face the music and bring that one down, too. But instead we added furring strips to pull it back up and hold it in place, and another ceiling can go right over it. Had I just gone over the old one with new wallboard, it could have come down on me while I was sleeping. Here’s what it looks like now: P1040047

Those cross pieces are there just in case, since it cracked pretty badly when the furring strips pulled it back up. Now everything is good and solid. I think I’ll be safe in there, and no more of that horrible plaster debris.

In the back bedroom, the insulation contractors are going to air seal with spray foam, so the ceiling has to be left open on the sides, but we got the ceiling up in the center of the room. It looks so good!


Plus, the two pieces that are up now have holes for the overhead light and smoke detector. The remaining pieces are fairly simple rectangles quadrilaterals.

And in the hall and closets the plaster was pretty badly damaged when it was cut open for the lights and skylight. Now those have been covered over (mostly) and are ready to go.


Here’s to pretty things going in! Might this be the best the hallway has ever looked? Maybe not quite, even if that skylight is awesome.


You also get your first glimpse of my new closet here. Too bad I’ll have no money for clothes because what I have now will never fill this. It will have two pull chain light fixtures and massive bypassing sliding doors. You can also see that while on the ladder, I didn’t have a very good idea of which way was square. I’ll need to put some more screws in that actually go into the studs. Right now that line of them going off on a crazy angle is just held to the lathe.

Now next Tuesday and Wednesday (the 21st and 22nd) the contractor is scheduled to come in and insulate the whole house. I have through Monday to finish most of the remaining Sheetrock, and then Tuesday night will be a long one finishing the walls that were left open for spray foam but need to be closed for cellulose. I’ll see you on the other side!


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