Another milestone in the Crooked House’s Progress

Really huge news! Today I hauled out the last 4 bags of trash! Remember what it looked like this summer:


And I only spent $190.00 to do it! There’s still a half a dozen trash cans’ worth of clean wood in the place, but we’re coming upon prime burning season now.

My electrician has also finished the rough in, finally. I now have 7 light switches operating 8 lights, and a grand total of 6 usable outlets! Really, really awesome to not need to drag extension cords up and down the stairs anymore.

In other news, I’ve scheduled the biggest contract yet to be done by others. I’m getting the whole house insulated, the chimney lined (so I can turn the heat on without getting carbon monoxide poisoning) the heat turned back on, and 3 of the remaining 8 crappy windows replaced.

Before I do all this, I need to finish a few things. I’m changing the shapes of some of the windows. The kitchen sink and toilet tank are both underneath windows that sit too low to the floor. Luckily, I have some awesome help from my next door neighbor on this. He’s helping me build the openings up with cinder block, just like the other window that was removed completely. Then, I am going to use an electric paint sprayer to paint all the radiators. I hope I can do this now anyway. Before that can happen, I’d like to get the original flooring reinstalled in the back bedroom. And new risers for the two radiators that moved need to go in.

While I’m at it, do I want to have the huge pipes that I hit my head on in the basement taken out and pushed over against the walls? I’ve gotta get a price for it, but I can definitely see why I’d want to.

Anyways, it might be the end of this year before I’m really ready to start putting the house together, but be patient with me. Soon I’ll have fun things to show you. And before then I still have more excruciating choices to make.


5 thoughts on “Another milestone in the Crooked House’s Progress

  1. Mary Elizabeth

    Chad, hiring a professional to do the insulation is totally worth it. After years of doing our own, we hired someone to do it for our new addition. In they came, with the right tools and equipment , and bing, bing, bing! it was finished in less than half a day. I’ll bet yours can be done in one day. Keep in mind that it may be building code in your city that the wiring and plumbing must be inspected while it is still exposed. Can’t wait to see the next thing.


    1. Chad's Crooked House Post author

      Also, the financing terms – I’m getting a 10 year loan at 0.99% for all materials and labor, and then getting a couple grand in a rebate from the gas company. And they’re using spray foam and dense pack cellulose, which are not the easiest things to DIY.



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