The crooked house hits rock bottom

It’s been a little while, and the work I’ve done lately has been thankless. I decided to tear out my 3 layer thick living room ceiling, 2 layer thick kitchen ceiling, and the ceiling and walls in the wood framed parts of the back bedroom. Here’s what that looks like. Don’t be scared.


So, I naively thought I’d be paying a few hundred for people to take all this out. Wasting plastic bothers me, so I was drawn to the idea of this being loaded into a dump truck and hauled out. Instead, they would have bagged it all to get it out of the house. Makes sense I guess. That is a lot. And it would have cost me about $1350, or just short of 3x what I expected. Instead, I borrowed a good friend’s Suburban, brought in another good friend to help carry it out, and put a Bagster on my good parents’ driveway. I’m proud of them for letting me do this. I know the ugliness (and having the driveway blocked) hurt them. I left small scraps of my 8 vinyl kitchen floors on top so the neighbors could pick their favorite. Update: I promised I would give credit to Quinn, my brilliant next door neighbor, for providing me with the Bagster idea.


Is that the best $160 I’ve ever spent? Or was my new air conditioner? That’s a good question. But now my un-insulated and un-plastered back bedroom is fighting a losing battle with this heat. When my head was near the exterior walls I could feel the heat radiating on my face. But even if it was in the high 80’s, it was more bearable with the cool air blowing on me. It gave me the will to clean up that room. So here’s how the house looks today. Good enough to start putting in my new interiors, as I continue to haul out the trash.



I think you and I both may be a little starved for prettiness in this post (even if you can see one of my awesome doors) so look! I’ve cleaned enough to see (one tiny part of) my living room floor again!



16 thoughts on “The crooked house hits rock bottom

  1. CindyH

    How long did all that demo and discard take? Thankfully this house has a relatively small footprint or we’d have to come excavate you from the rubble.


  2. chadscrookedhouse Post author

    well you see that the demo of the old bathroom had already begun before we we smashed the bathtub, so it’s been a solid month. Now we can resume actual construction work but still have a little more cleanup to do. Readers, ask me about free kindling!


  3. JoAnn Barton

    Having so much fun catching up with you (and the Crooked House!) today (at work… oops!)! Great job, Chad!


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  6. Nine Dark Moons

    your story is fascinating! i think you are living every homeowner’s dream (and sometimes nightmare) of removing all shoddy work and starting from a clean slate. i would love to rip out all my walls and ceilings, but they’re in good shape, so that would be dumb.



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